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I should probably drop my link for this stuff now, shouldn't I? Extra Life Page

I may or may not stream this year. But when it's closer to that day, I'll have more details on my Twitter page.

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I am in again - This is my 5th year.

Here is my donation link - http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=45144

And my twtich page - http://www.justin.tv/bpriller

I wrote these notes a few years ago about how to help survive the gaming, maybe I will modernize them and post it on the blog here - http://2idiotgamers.com/?p=571

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I've managed to get 25 copies of Cards Against Humanity to raffle off! Anyone who donates to me will be entered to win.

I've also updated the original post with all your links.

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I think I'm leaning toward playing 6 games for 4 hours each from my pretty large stack of games I have to play or get back to. That or go all out and Dark Souls it up for the entire time.

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Extra Life 2013 Mysteries...


  • Both of the games I'll be playing are part of the same series.
  • The sequel to the first game in the series was never released in the United States of Americaland.

Something Else...

More importantly, @matt, can you add a space between "Extra" and "Life" in the thread title? Your careless disregard for the rules is utterly astonishing for someone in a position such as yours.


Simply shocking.

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I'm also interested in joining and, like a few others have mentioned, I'm into the idea of playing 25 hours of horror games because I'm apparently looking for a way to emotionally damage myself for years to come.
You know, for the kids.

I'm Thinking of marathoning both Amnesia games and the Penumbra games.

I haven't signed up yet since I'm still trying to see if my former magazine would like to sponsor my marathon, but I'm wondering if I can join multiple teams?

Still waiting on their response though...

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Drew and I are definitely interested in doing this as well. Right now the big hangup is that I will be on the east coast November 1st for one of my best friend's wedding (I know, how rude of him not to check the Extra Life dates!). Trying to see when I would be flying back to be able to make this happen. We may have to do it on the 3rd if we can do it, which is obviously a bummer since part of the excitement is being able to do it with all of you.

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@alexisg: If it's on the day of the event or not I feel like I speak for pretty much everyone (in the world) when I say you guys should definitely do another stream this year.

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Despite my virulent hate for children I am very excited for this year's extra life. Drew and Alexis should definitely partake. Just let Alexis go to the wedding, say no to all the alcohol, get back and get on that couch!

I wonder if anyone is doing anything Battlefield 4 - related since that releases right around that time.

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My improv team is joining the cause! We already do a web series called Happy Hour Game Time, so we figured a 25-hour long episode would be right up our alley. We're partnering up with a whole bunch of local community talent in Las Vegas, and it should be pretty damn exciting. Good luck, duders!

Team Page: www.extra-life.org/team/happyhourimprov

Twitch Page: www.twitch.tv/happyhourimprov

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I've set up a Twitch account (thanks to @fattony12000 for helping out)!



I'm planning on playing games that I think are interesting to watch, and that I can complete quickly. So far I'm gonna play and complete RE4, Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, and Illusion of Gaia. Gonna play each one soon to figure out how much time I'll have left after those games. Suggestions are welcome!

PS - My Twitch is on private mode right now while I figure out the settings a little better.

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Once again @hamst3r has made us an amazing promo video. GET PUMPED FOR THE KIDS!

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@chaser324 is building us a fucking sick new video/chat page. You'll all get to see it soon enough. It's dope as shit. Goddamn.

One thing I would like everyone to think about is a Twitter hashtag for us to use to digitally pimp our efforts. Because this is a Giant Bomb Community thing, I thought something simple like #GBCEL (Giant Bomb Community Extra Life) would work, as that's what we are. So...there. What are all y'alls thoughtz?

I'm going to make a blog post soon with deets and tips and hints and other things soon, it'll discuss the above things, as well as more other things, too.


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@fattony12000: I will use this hashtag on my glorious* and popular** Twitter account. Also, I just did some detective work*** and snuck a peek of said new video/chat page!

* Not so glorious

** Not popular at all

*** I clicked on Chaser's profile

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I will be streaming Diablo 3 on the PS3. Heres a Link to my page. Also @alexisg I live in RI, like 30 mins from the CT border. You're more than welcome to come crash our stream if you feel like coming out to Providence.

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Was there a decided "Start Time" for everyone? i know time zones are crazy but wanted to know when people were going to kick it off.

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On my college's Gaming Club Extra-Life team for the second year. We are trying to combine public events on campus with streaming and other gaming sessions. Continuing our tradition of a NERF Battle through our Arts Center at 8 a.m. Saturday and a sunrise Sunday game of polo on our central green.

Best of luck to all the duders on the GB team and enjoy quantum leaping back into sanity after Daylight Savings :P

If anyone is interested:

Connecticut College Group Team

My Individual Player Page

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Hey everybody. You can click the link below to Join the Playstation Movement. This will not change your affiliation with the Giantbomb ExtraLife team. It will make you eligible for a few goodies courtesy of Sony depending on how much you raise. Whoever raises the most $ gets a copy of Killzone:Shadowfall and Knack.

For those who had already joined Extra Life in any capacity, you can add to the PlayStation Movement to your profile here: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=cms.page&id=1056

Read the full post on the Playstation blog via the link below: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/10/03/playstation-and-extra-life-team-up-for-childrens-hospitals/

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@morrelloman: I saw that and didn't do anything because I did not want to mess up my GB affiliation. Good to know that it doesn't! Thanks!

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Ok, I'm trying to get a stream set up, but I've never done it before and have a few questions with OBS.

How do I set up 2 usb headsets for audio and mics? I've been doing some reading about using Virtual Audio Cable for the microphones, but I come up with nothing for help with output of game sound.

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@subrandom: Extra Life suggests 8AM in your timezone, but it really doesn't matter. As far as I know, the GB team doesn't have any specific starting time.

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