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I just joined please add my page! http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=56946

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Well I updated my twitch page with what I'll be playing on Nov 2. Mostly random PS1 games since streaming while emulating a PS2 isn't that easy. I guess I should invest in something that can capture video from a console directly if I decide to make this a yearly thing.

Edit: Added a contest to hopefully gain a few more donations. I feel like I'm doing a bit to much at this point but whatever it's for the kids. ^_^

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Anyone else playing for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and if so are you attending Sunday's meet and greet? Would be cool to meet any teammates that might be there.

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This looks very good, its a good idea

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@matt: Hi guys, this is my second year with the Giant Bomb stream. Myself and some of my friends are going to do 25 Hours of Wrestling Video Games starting from the NES and working our way up to the newest game WWE14. Stop by for some zany antics, wrestling commentary, impressions and other nonsense. My goal this year is $1000 (double That of last year)! I think we can do it. Please stop by and say hello in the chat and consider donating!!!!

Extra Life Profile:



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As we barrel towards November 2nd, I decided its time to announce what I will actually be playing.25 hours. Of Pokemon.

Specifically FireRed/Silver/Ruby and if there is time at the end, Yellow. I will post the rules I am following in my marathon at a later date.

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Just signed up - don't have a schedule down yet, but that will be incoming.


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Hey duders,

I would love to join the Giant Bomb team, but I'm committed to a 25 hour marathon with my coworkers. That being said, we're all in it for the same cause! I myself have never played games for a full 24 (or 25) hours. Has anyone participated in Extra Life or any other marathons before? Any helpful advice I should know? I'm going to try a few demo Twitch streams over the next few weeks to see if I can get that down, and then stream as much as I can. Not sure what games we're going to play, so any recommendations are welcome. I was thinking it would be fun to have some sort of theme, but not everyone has a great gaming PC, and I don't have a way to capture / stream consoles.

Best of luck to everyone else, and any advice is greatly appreciated.

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@clarkers: This will be my 4th Extra-Life so I feel qualified to give a little advice. If you're live streaming try and set up a schedule and make it a production. The first 2 years it was just me blabbering to myself, not every entertaining to watch. Last year I put together a schedule with guests and it was WAY better.

Energy drinks can help but you have to save them for when you really need them. In my experience the hour 18-22 are the hardest. When you get down to those final hours play anything that's going to keep you awake and entertained. Good luck duder!

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@clarkers: Plan ahead a little on what you're going to eat, and make sure you drink plenty of water alongside whatever caffeinated beverages you're consuming. Also, be sure to take some short breaks to stretch a little and to give your eyes a moment to relax.

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I just joined up with this. This will be my first Extra Life. I've got a capture setup for NES/SNES/whatever old stuff I want to plug in so I'll be streaming something.




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It would be cool if some of us played a multiplayer game together at some point during the stream. Not sure what game, though. Maybe we could have a game of DOTA with people who have never played it before?

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I just wanted to donate, but it appears you can only donate to a person not a whole group? Am I wrong?

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@monkeyking1969: As long as your donate to someone in the GB group it'll add to the group total but yeah you can't just donate to the GB group. Just pick someone that has a local hospital that you would like to give a donation to. In the end you'll help some kids get better and the GB group gets one step closer to our overall goal.

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It looks like game developer extraordinaire Dan Teasdale will be joining our efforts (he accidentally posted in the thread from two years ago) -

For some reason the Extra Life page is barfing whenever I try to join the Giant Bomb team, but in the meantime:


I'm going to play every Army Men game in 25 hours. That's an hour for each game, which is WAY TOO LONG for some of them. It's been nice knowing you, sanity.

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@dolphin_butter: With 25 hours, you might actually manage to get through most of the opening tutorial (kinda joking, but also not really joking).

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@matt: My twitch account is up now, here's the channel! http://www.twitch.tv/ajarmahead Would be much appreciated if you could add that in there :)

I also need some help getting things organized, seeing as this thread is so popular it'd be awesome for my thread over here: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/players-donators-needed-for-my-24-hour-charity-str-1456581/#0 to get a bit of attention, so anyone who's interested in playing with me to help the kids, go there and let me know! All comers are welcome :)

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First post has been edited to include all the list updates. Keep it up people!

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Did a extra-life gaming marathon on Saturday an played through Red Redemption from Start to finish @RockstarGames for 25 hours.@giantbomb. Got my goal 115.00 for the kids.


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So, for my wonderful 25-hour Pokemonathon I am crowd-sourcing my starters. Care to take 5 seconds and select which starters I will be using for each game? The survey will be open up until I start playing each game, but I would like to start getting responses now.http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B2WF7H3

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I've joined the Giant Bomb team


My Twitch channel


@bruce will be joining me for at least part of it. Right now we are thinking of running a Terraria server with the new patch from scratch and seeing how far we can get. If anyone wants to jump in and build along with us, feel free.

I have Steam codes for The Walking Dead, FTL, Bastion and Medal of Honor that I'll give out to people who donate as well.

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@messier: Damn! The return of @bruce! I've missed seeing that dude and his little Annie Clark avatar on the forums.

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@thesoutherndandy: Send an e-mail to support@extra-life.org and they will add you to the team.

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Hey Matt,

My donation page is: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=45268

Streaming at: http://www.twitch.tv/dwigtk

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Hello everyone! I was wondering what everyone will be doing to promote their Streams? I've going to obviously post the information to Twitter and Facebook but I feel like that may only bring in a few close friends/family. So I was wondering if you guys have any good ways to bring people in to watch your streams and donate?

I'm still working on getting a schedule together for my games. Still trying to decide if I just want to play one game from start to finish or play multiple games. Either way I'll get it figured out by November 2nd.

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Hello everyone! I was wondering what everyone will be doing to promote their Streams? I've going to obviously post the information to Twitter and Facebook but I feel like that may only bring in a few close friends/family. So I was wondering if you guys have any good ways to bring people in to watch your streams and donate?

I'm still working on getting a schedule together for my games. Still trying to decide if I just want to play one game from start to finish or play multiple games. Either way I'll get it figured out by November 2nd.

I think for most of us, we won't really get that many viewers at all unless you are already semi-popular on twitch or GB. I know I have a few people that will watch but there were some things I did to bring people in. I'm playing Rock Band and lots of fighting games and inviting GB Duders to join so others will get involved. Maybe try bringing in a guest if you have one? Also popular/new games tend to bring in viewers.

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I won't be able to stream since I'm in the process of both building a PC & buying both next gen consoles so attempting to stream with the current computer is not going to be possible. I will be checking out everyone's stream from time to time on here so I'm looking forward to it :)

I do have a question to any PS3 users (if there are any) on the team, does anyone want to play anything either co-op or competitive? I'm going to be picking up Batman: Arkham Origins on Friday, I already got GTA V, all of the games on PS Plus since Feb. 2012 and a couple of others.

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@squill2k4: If you're attending a school right now, you could try posting some signs advertising your stream and the cause. I'm planning on posting some around my university.

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I feel like I have been doing pretty well getting donations, and my best advice is to not be shy in telling anyone who will listen. I havent been in your face or obnoxious, but be able to answer everyones questions.

Another thing that has helped is be willing to take cash donations and enter them while the person is standing with you. If you check out my page all Anonymous donations were cash donations given to me and entered right away. Good to show you are not just pocketing the money.

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Started testing out my streaming setup. Getting a Dazzle DVC100 to work with my Win 7 / OBS setup was a bit of pain on the audio side. I need to test it with a webcam but otherwise getting close. Need to figure out some games to play too.

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Hmmm, my wife and I are tempted to do this. We've been hosting a nightly DoTA2 twitch stream for a few months now. Definitely can not do 25 hours though...

Does Giant bomb choose which hospital it goes to or does it just go to the lump miracle network fund? I know they chose to benefit one by them before, but I hope they spread the love to other hospitals too!

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@cimpy: Each member of the Giant Bomb team is playing for the hospital of his or her choice, I am playing for Sick Kids hospital in Toronto, Ontario. I don't think it is possible to donate directly to the Giant Bomb team, but have to pick on of the users.

Last year Drew and Alexis played for a hospital that was in Oakland I believe.

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@dwigtk: Awesome thanks! Sick kids is a great choice.

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I love seeing the community step up and do cool stuff like this for a good cause.

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Looking forward to this.

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