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Sup Duders,

Just wanted to say unfortunately I can't do streaming since I don't have the setup but I will be having constant Twitter updates in which you can follow me @Chaoskiller2000 I will be doing videos, pics and text updates all day long. Please help me reach my goal and beyond I'm so close! I also have codes but I have not decided how to give them away quite yet. I'm open to suggestions. Here is the donation page http://t.co/h2KpNvBVUa

Thanks Dudes!

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http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=64125 it for kids.....kids with diseases

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I've added some prizes. Every $5 donated through my page will get an entry in the drawing. Prizes currently include 2 $50 Amazon gift codes and a Steam key bundle with over 100 keys. More information can be found on my Extra Life page.

Also, go team Giant Bomb! We have already raised over $7,500!

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why do i always have to work during these!

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Is it possible to do this from the UK?

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@thomblweed: Absolutely, I'm UK based too! Unfortunately there aren't any UK children s hospitals listed but you can still pick another to play for.

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My stream starts in about 15 minutes. Come on in, duders.


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I've got a five day weekend this weekend. And I'm getting two kittens tonight.




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Hey Duders,

I have teamed up with Vaydus of http://vaydus.com/ to help raise money for the kiddies. Please come by and watch our not-so-pro video game playing at http://www.twitch.tv/vaydus and donate for a good cause on November 2nd from 12pm-12am. We will be playing everything from Surgeon simulator to Metro last light, and taking requests live through chat. If you can't watch the stream feel free to donate at http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=65467.

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If anyone needs an x-split premium license. Here's a free month code: BB5539B2-C82E-4002-A622-1C48876B0F3B.

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I'm a little confused on this. This post is for people who will be streaming, right? I have far more money to give than I do game-streaming talent, so I'd be happy to donate--just trying to figure out the best manner of doing so...?

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@packs217: This thread is all about the Giant Bomb Extra-Life team in general. If you want to donate I would go to the team page and pick someone in the team. The money raised by all the individuals goes to the GB team total.

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To you guys participating that haven't ended up in the PM floating around and those of you that might just be watching (and donating!) -

We're actively developing a central hub for all of the Twitch streams from GB users at http://www.explosiveruns.com. Take a look and let me know if there's anything that needs to be fixed or if you have any ideas for ways to improve it.

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My wife Elowen and I (and cute beagle too) will be streaming all afternoon and evening Saturday. We'll be holding two types of raffles throughout the day. We're contributing to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, a hospital that her cousin has been visiting his whole life for a congenital heart defect.

We're doing giveaways!

Viewers are eligible for:

DoTA2 and TF2 ingame items

Donators will be eligible for:

Rarer DoTA2 items

Steam Games

One winner will receive a CUSTOM drawing from our amazing artist Katie! She'll contact you and draw you with your favorite video game character!

... and more to come!

Until then, we stream every night so subscribe and stop by and say hi! We mostly play DoTA2 with our viewers although Saturdays stream will be a variety of games.



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@ind1gnation: Start whenever you feel most comfortable doing it. I think the official recommended start time is 8AM in your own timezone, but there's no hard and fast rule.

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@fattony12000: Now with slick overlays and drag-and-drop action!

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@chaser324: Alright will do. Now I just have to test my capture card or just go with 25 hours of PC games :D

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Hey Duders! This will be my first time participating in an event like this so hopefully everything goes ok. Just found out about it through last weeks podcast. I have not received any donations but i am trying. My buddy and I will be playing Saturday beginning at 8am and most likely be playing Dota 2, Terraria, and maybe a little Counter Strike. This will be live streamed through twitch. Thanks!



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@ihateyou and I are going to be streaming out different games almost every hour. We were late to getting on the Giant Bomb team, but I just got the email that we are now joined!

Extra Life: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/extradamage

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/extradamageofficial

Podcast Website: http://www.extradamage.com

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Just confirmed that my capture card still works, so I think I might start with Demon's Souls :]

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I'm in some last minute talks to do a stream with a very special co-host, Chris Caravella, of house Caravella.

It would be the two of us. We're thinking maybe Fallout New Vegas and Sleeping Dogs at least. You can follow me on Twitter @SGMahonay for updates. I'll also post in here of course once we've nailed details down. Meeting up Friday to figure things out. I've been really busy and I just realized this was coming up. Hopefully we can still do this!

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Now that I've reached my initial goal of $200, I've raised my goal to $400 and added in a stretch goal reward. If I do make it to $400 I'll throw another $50 Amazon.com gift card into the prize pool, which means for every $5 you give through my page you will have a ticket in a raffle for a bundle of over 100 Steam games or one of three $50 Amazon cards. I have the complete prize information up here: http://bit.ly/CadwrPrizes and my Extra Life page is here: http://bit.ly/cadwr

Here are a couple teasers of things I'll be doing for the stream:

Virtual Boy games played with 3D glasses on so I look really irresistible dumb.

Also, a "swear jar" playthrough of Super Mario Bros. 2 (Lost Levels). I'll donate 10 cents for every time I swear during the playthrough. Considering how frustrating the game is, and how long it has been since I've played through it, I can't see it being less than $10 of swears.

Aaaand I'll be playing this... fantastic game. I've committed to playing 15 minutes of it, but I will try and play as much as I can stomach beyond that. Donations might just keep me playing longer...

I've got a lot of games lined up to play, both PC and consoles from NES to PS3/WiiU. It should be a really fun day. Well, except for certain games...

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I will be streaming Saturday through Sunday. I can't guarantee the quality of the stream, but I will do a stream nonetheless. Going to be a random mix of whatever I feel like playing from my Steam library. Some I've played, some I've never played (yeah, there are a lot of each). Maybe I'll find some other stuff between now and then, too.

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Ok I have been checking the livestream possibility and its not that bad. I will begin early since I'm located in China. Now coming up with the game list. I'm thinking about some horror stuff for Halloween plus few recent indies like Dungeon Dashers and so on. We will see as the 24h goes on.

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I wanna see those fucking tweets, you guys.


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@matt: Thanks for the clarification :)

All I have to do now is convince the wife about time away from my famliy and kids ;p

then hopefully I can sign up :)

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@matt: All I have to do now is convince the wife about time away from my famliy and kids ;p

Don't let that stop you ;) Get them involved!

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@matt: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=68772 and twitch.tv/fanbastic

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@congruentpotato said:

Screw it, let's do this!



@CongruentPotato on twitter for a list of games I'll be playing.

I forgot I have some keys to give away during my stream too. Including BioShock Infinite, Dead Space, Crysis 2, and Mirror's Edge!

I also forgot to mention I start at 8PM CST on Friday. Kicking off the stream with Dead Space! This should excite you for three reasons:
1. I don't like horror games
2. I was too scared to play ALAN WAKE
3. I don't want to play it youcantmakemeohgodwhy

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I'm at $455 y'all, here's my last update video before this shit pops off on Saturday.

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I'm gonna be playing for Team Turbine again this year, we're currently #2 out of all the teams thanks to the efforts of the amazing Lord of the Rings Online community manager, Rick. I think at present he has raised over 300 times what I have, so you guys should help me look less bad by donating!


I'll definitely be posting picture updates to Twitter throughout the day at https://twitter.com/dinosaursssssss and depending on if I can get my webcam to work might be streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/dinosaursssssss

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and streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/cptwitch

I intend to stream all 25 hours barring technical difficulties, playing through all of Walking Dead (+ DLC) and Asura's Wrath (+DLC), Good-sized chunks of Enslaved, Mirror's Edge, El Shaddai, Rayman Origins, and Batman: Arkham Origins, coop Gears Judgment and Halo 4/ME3 multi, and hour 25 will be devoted to brain surgery because someone joked, "what does it matter if you're a little out of it towards the end? It's not like you're performing brain surgery."

List isn't finalized, additional games might get added. (I'd love to do PS3 but it looks like hot garbage over component. Damn it, Sony.) There may be a sadism portion, and for that I've got a little game called Yaris, and another little game called Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust.

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Hey duders,

I've been doing some streaming tests this week, and have a pretty good idea of what I'll be playing. My question is, for those of you streaming, are you going to have face cams, or just audio? I'm using my webcam as my mic, so I have the ability to do either. So yeah, face cam, yes or no?

Other than that, I have a few specific requests that I'll be playing, like Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Bastion and Mirror's Edge. I know I'm not on the Giant Bomb team (in a group with my co-workers) but if anyone would like to donate or watch my stream, here are the links!



Good luck to everyone!