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@anomareh said:

According to explosive runs, the GB channel is the only one left, so it's time to fix that! I did 25, what's a few more.

Same here!

Blade Runner is running!

Good job guys, we raised a lot of money for the kids! :] Personally I went for around 12 hours and for the whole time I had like 3 viewers so eventually I decided I'm not gonna raise enough money even if I stay up for the full 25h so I just decided to save my sleep rhythm. Finished The Walking Dead and Darksiders, made total 5 bucks but I guess it's the thought that counts and I don't really think my stream is very entertaining either xD Thanks for the Giant Bomber who donated, I know it was one of you duders since I didn't even have the donation link up in the stream, since this happened before the marathon day.

All money is good money, good job duder! Link me your Twitch stream plz kk.

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Loading Video...

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Just wanted to say great job to the Giant Bomb team for all the money you've raised so far. You guys are awesome!

#254 Posted by Rabbykayn (252 posts) -

I'm so proud of this community. 100 thousand dollars is amazing.

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@fattony12000: Yeah I'm glad I still participated, I do like streaming and the community aspect. Next year I'll prepare better and save some more kids :] I do plan to stream more in the future so maybe I'll eventually gain some following too and get better at it! Here's the link to my twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/ind1gnation

Good job to you too duder, you were awesome!

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I'm amazed at how much the entire Giant Bomb community team made for charity. Great job with all your streams everyone! For next year I should just have a order for my games instead of the whatever I feel like playing at the moment I was doing on Sat. After playing Metal Slug X I might just do 24 hours of Neo Geo games next year hehe.

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It's been amazing to see how much money both the GB community and Giant Bomb themselves have raised. Watch their last 10 minutes now.

I got a late donation for the stream I did over the weekend, up to $727!

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Never has there been a more fitting GIF.

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@milkman said:

Never has there been a more fitting GIF.


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lmao, oh god. drew's face is priceless.

#262 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

Over 100k. This community is awesome.

#263 Posted by Aarny91 (3941 posts) -

That was great. I hope they're all fine after it :P

#264 Posted by Mahonay (841 posts) -

Over 100k. This community is awesome.

It's fucking amazing. You guys are all awesome.

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@mahonay said:

@devilzrule27 said:

Over 100k. This community is awesome.

It's fucking amazing. You guys are all awesome.

I endorse this message!

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I hit my data cap right when they started the outro.

But one hundred grand! You blew it outta the park!

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As goddamn exhausted as I am as I've been going since brad's stream with only 6hours of sleep on saturday night I gotta say I'm sort of bummed its over. That was so much fun. It made me really determined to find a streaming solution and do it next year. I'd like to see if I could get through all 5 DMC games or something in one sitting.

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Great job to everyone who donated! I had so much fun this weekend watching a bunch of streams and donating some money for kids.

#269 Posted by amiga1200 (109 posts) -

Loved this. Always makes me grateful to be in the GB community.

#270 Posted by mithhunter55 (689 posts) -

@dudeglove: This is an exceptional pairing, very well done.

#271 Posted by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

Great job to all involved. It was an honor to help out & hats off to a truly fantastic community :3

#272 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1156 posts) -

It was fun participating in this year's EL event! Can't wait till the next one.

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So as we wind down on Extra Life 2013, what future plans are there for www.explosiveruns.com? I would love to see this stick around as a kind of hub for Duder Streamers, and special events could be highlighted there.

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@fcdrandy: It's not going anywhere. I've been discussing some ways to possibly improve/expand it with some people. All suggestions and comments are welcome.

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I just saw the gran total, that is just fantastic guys. Everyone who donated and held the streams deserves a pat on the back or a cold one at the bar.

#277 Posted by FCDRandy (283 posts) -

@chaser324: I think regularly scheduled community endurance runs is a great idea, and maybe have race weekends, where everyone plays the same game or series of games to see who finishes first!

#278 Posted by jiggajoe14 (1236 posts) -

I wasn't able to see the last 14 hours of the GB stream so I can't wait to watch that. Watched over 30 hours worth of streaming altogether from both this site and explosiveruns. Excellent job duders. Such a fucking awesome community.

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That was probably the most video game I've ever consumed in a weekend, I even played an additional 12 hours on Halloween.

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That was a lot of fun and I have NO hesitation about doing it again next year! The community is awesome and when needed to come together, do so in full force!

#281 Posted by NoRemnants (427 posts) -

Anyone know where to find the rankings for teams/individual streams by money raised?

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I'm so pumped for next year. I love these gaming charity events like this and AGDQ so much fun to get together over something you love and raise money doing it for people who need it.

#284 Posted by Charon (48 posts) -

Holy Fuck!!!!

I really believe it's events like this that really encourage and promote the awesomeness that is the Giant Bomb community. I'm not saying we're better than Reddit, but, hey I'm a scientist and numbers don't lie.

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I love you all.

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@fcdrandy@chaser324 That sounds like so much fun, maybe we could make a giant bomb twitch team too?

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Is there plans to upload the live stream to the site? I had to miss it :(

#290 Edited by Chaser324 (7181 posts) -

@tag: They took breaks on day two to split it into two hour chunks for archival purposes, but I imagine it might take a while to get it all onto the site. I'm unsure if Brad's stream will get the same treatment.

For the time being, just take a look on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/giantbomb/profile/pastBroadcasts

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This was the best thing I've witnessed, and done all year. Thank you everyone, especially Pascual for your awesome efforts. <3 :)

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@ddiggler said:

This was the best thing I've witnessed, and done all year. Thank you everyone, especially Pascual for your awesome efforts. <3 :)

Thanks! I'm incredibly proud of how this community has gotten involved in Extra-Life and I can't wait to see what we can do next year :D

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i'm jumping in a few days late here, i guess, but... i watched probably 2/3 of this live and just finished watching the whole deal in the archive. i just wanted to thank Brad, Jeff, Vinny, Drew, Alexis, Ian, Pascual, Kessler, Pizza Hut, Data East, what remains of Vinny's body, and everyone else who had something to do with this for making it a very enjoyable time. it is pretty rare for me to give to charity, but i ended up increasing my donation from last year 10-fold this time around. Long live Giant Bomb, Extra Life, and this sort of selfless endeavor. Cheers from 'Fortune Street Guy'.

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http://www.explosiveruns.com seems like a good hub for us to keep using to share our streams even after Extra Life. I still use the site to watch some stuff.

#296 Posted by Fattony12000 (7968 posts) -

Hey give us money, this train ain't pulled into the station yet.

I recommend donating to me, I plan to do a thing over the Annual Festive Season Holiday Period to do with..well...sailors...

(And you can still get a free game from my Steam gifts or an Origin/Steam code for something if you donate at least $5.)

I'll let you find you relevant links, you lazy bums.

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