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Has anyone played this game and if so how was your experience with it ?

Im about to start playing it as it was free and I'm super bored.

EDIT: also i should have linked this to the games page but its been a while since a posted something about one particular game

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It's an incredibly buggy mess.

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I have played it for a month or two at launch. Actually really enjoyed it, but my PC wasn't good enough. Really liked the setting and the focus on crafting and gathering. Building my own mad Max buggy was fun.

The game has jank though, definitely a lower budget game. If you have low tolerance to that steer clear of this game.

Maybe I should try it again too, but enjoying Tera at the moment.

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I didn't really care for it. I usually don't mind some jank or weirdness in my games (I kinda' take glee in games with rough edges), but I just couldn't get into it. Nothing about it grabbed me and made me feel like I would continue to be entertained for a sustained period.

However, that's an opinion based on a fairly short period of playing. My general opinion is to try it if it seems interesting to you, regardless of the buzz around it. You might just be the person who actually really enjoys it.

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thanks for the information guys i have no problem with jank