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In the past year I have not played a single Elder Scrolls game *gasp*, but I have played plenty of Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas.
I am starting to become bored with NV ever since I completed the main quest and a lot of the side ones on my level 30 character. I haven't bought Dead Money yet but I do intend to pick up NV once all the DLC is released and I can get it all at once.
So should I trade in New Vegas and pick up Oblivion GOTY?
I really miss the whole fantasy magical world and often find myself thinking of a new character I have never tried before. 
(Stealthy with some skill in Magic and archery)  
The last time I played Oblivion I was in middle school and didn't understand the concept of an RPG so I would like to try again with my experience I have obtained from Fallout.
So should I?
 I can't make decisions for myself so I ask complete strangers.
FYI I will be playing on a PS3 since I don't own a PC that could run Oblivion.

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wait til Skyrim, tho Oblivion should be cheap as chips now and is definitely worth a look. I am thinking of getting back into it simply because I have never finished it, but have somehow had two 20 hr playthroughs.

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Get Oblivion and sell NV; NV was a terrible game, IMO. Though, I'd just wait till Skyrim at this point.

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I dislike both of those games. I liked Fallout 3 though.

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@FreakAche:  I was contemplating this thought. I think my PC can run Morrowind (Hp pavillion Dv 6) so I could download some mods. Last time I played Morrowind I was 12 or 13 so I didn't even make it out of the first town without getting lost and killed by a cliff racer
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i don't like trading in games for the sole reason that i feel like i may go back and play it.... and now i have like 70+ 360 games.... i don't know whether to be happy or not.  
Oh and Oblivion is one of my favorite games, but i haven't played New Vegas. Just go buy Oblivion, it can't be that expensive.

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@NorthSarge24:  I know I will return to NV one day, if Skyrim isn't out before all the DLC or the new Fallout isn't out.
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@FreakAche said:
" Morrowind. "
Word. I was not the biggest fan of Oblivion, I'd especially skip it because you won't have the benefits of the PC mods, which actually served to make it enjoyable. 
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@Twitchey: sounds similar to my experience with Morrowind... i think i heard something about how big the world map was and just ran straight forever and just got mauled by a bunch of enemies. Somehow this was still enjoyable.
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New Vegas, or wait to Skyrim.

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@NorthSarge24:  I remember once. I was just walking around and this dude, fell out of the fucking sky and I took his *super suicide jump spells* and ran back to the original town. Dropped all my gear so I was nude and hot keyed one of the scrolls, got a running start, and flew halfway across Morrowind, I survived and landed in a swamp, I was then killed by what looked to be a giant one eyed beast.
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@Twitchey:  i want this. now.... the best thing that ever happened to me is that i was trapped in a house with an NPC and the house eventually gave birth to me so i ended up underneath everything and i could walk around freely.
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I like New Vegas but I would go with oblivion goty, you can get it for $20 now and its an awesome time blowing game. 

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New Vegas has decent writing, a first in Bethesda games.

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oblivion is fun, it was the first 360 game i got and i played it to death 
i still play it every now and then
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fallout 3 == excellent concept - heavily flawed.  
oblivion == excellent concept - heavily flawed.  
i'd play oblivion

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Thats a hard question

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@FreakAche said:
" Morrowind. "
This. No contest.
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Oblivion has such a richer color palet than the Fallout games, and that atmospheric music that plays at times when your character is just ideling is so nostalgic. But unless you must trade in NV to get Oblivion, I would not trade it in.  
Check out a couple cheap copies of Oblivion I found in a matter of minutes.  

Or trusty Amazon 
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Get both,if you can't still get both of them.
But seriously,its Medieval fantasy vs Post apocalypse,the latter always being the winner in my opinion. Its up to you though.