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because i am getting a ps4 my brother accuse's me of being a "fanboy" even though last gen i got a 360 2 years after i got a ps3 and i plan to do same again(if microsoft get rid of that windows 8 theme yuk) so have you ever been accused of being a fanboy and do you plan to get both down the line?

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Your brother is dumb, and so is fanboyism. Doesn't hurt my enjoyment of games though.

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depends, I'm often surprised to find casual gamers into one system or another for no past history. And also these web sites make it seem like a whole Fox News style slant on console wars, You can't write an article without a snarky title. And then people get excited over dumb rants by ANYONE even if it's a screaming little 8 year old kid talking about Sonic VS Zelda.

It's like we can't really have anything without a bit of Cynicism.

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Yeah I have been called a Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft fanboy, which is funny.

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Welcome to GB, weird first thread I have to say though.

If someone accuses you of being a fanboy just because you buy a certain console, then it means he or she can't stand the fact that someone buys a console that is not his or her favorite which in turn makes him or her the fanboy/girl.

Just ignore it. And no, I don't think fanboys are ruining gaming. They only ruin your experience if you let them by dragging you into their weird fanboy world.

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Dumb asses only ruin things for you if you let them. Ignore them. Laugh at them. Whatever.

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If you post ANY opinion at all in an IGN comments section, chances are you'll be labeled a "fanboy". It's super dumb, and the people who say things like that without thinking come off to me as being afraid (usually incorrectly) that something they love might be marginally worse than something they could have bought but chose not to for some reason. We should be happy when something competing with a console we owns does well, because that motivates the makers of that console to do better. So we should all get along and not call other people fanboys for supporting something we don't entirely love. The world would be a better place. *rainbow*

To answer your question, though: yes, I have been called a fanboy; depending on what happens 6-12 months from now, I will wind up getting one of the consoles, both, or neither (most likely just a PS4 though. I disagree with M$'s approach this time around, and their horrible PR at and and around E3 still leaves a bad taste in my mouth).

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If he is calling you a "Fanboy" for getting a PS4 that just means he is a XBone fanboy.

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Ever since video games, there have been fanboys, and people claiming that they're ruining video games. I heard this argument in the 90s. I'm sure it existed in the 80s. I'm sure it's existed in every format.

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Fanboyism is nothing new. It would have ruined gaming already, if it was capable of such a thing.

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@crithon said:

It's like we can't really have anything without a bit of Cynicism.

Welcome to what's wrong with the world today.

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I may have been called an Xbot once and I've definitely been called PC Master Race.

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What has happened to Giantbomb....

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Fanboyism is nothing new. It would have ruined gaming already, if it was capable of such a thing.

Agreed, Fanboyism was still mouthing off even when I was a child.

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And it's stuck around for the children of today (literal children and metaphorical children) it's probably not going anywhere for a long time. And fanboys are always the loudest, but there's enough level headed people who enjoy playing video games that it doesn't really matter or effect anything unless you allow it to effect you.

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The attitude this time around seems very good, at least at this site. Remember last gen? Surprised somebody didn't actually kill another. It was really quite a show.

I think many or most ppl. just don't want all that again, so terms or rather labels of fan boy are avoided even if there is still unsupported bias for a console make or even pc.

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Fanatics ruin a lot of things that aren't video games....

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True fanboy stuff, where someone feels some sense of loyalty to one corporation over another, is pretty disgusting.

I think a lot of people labeled fanboys online are just guys who spent $400-500 on a new system and feel defensive about it, though. It makes sense when you drop that kind of cash to feel like you made the "right" decision.

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The term fanboy/girl is fucking terrible.

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Buy and enjoy what you want. No one can tell you how to feel and which company you "love" more.

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Not ruining gaming, but fanboyism is just so fucking bizarre. I genuinely don't understand how or why people develop such obsessive devotions to corporations.