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Cuz I'm gonna be real with you guys, I think most of them are pretty bad. Like, I played the shit out of the original Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but holy shit, was that soundtrack awful. I mean, that one Avenged Sevenfold song was OK to race to because metal is fast and so are cars, but Avenged Sevenfold is still pretty shitty metal. Maybe all the EA Trax situations are just the worst. I haven't played many EA games in the past few years.

But the good stuff. Man, Hotline Miami's soundtrack is amazing. I don't have to tell you, we all know this.

But what's this? There's more! I thought the soundtrack to Driver: San Francisco was shockingly good! Driver: SF (and I guess much of the Driver series) is trying to be a 60s/70s/early 80s car movie, and goddammit, that soundtrack actually does a great job of evoking that. There are tons of good funk tracks in the game.

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There's this solid Aretha Franklin remix:

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There's also some appropriately psychedelic music, given how many road movies of the 60s and 70s are pretty anti-establishment and about drug running or evading the law:

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There's also a mix of pretty good rock from a couple different eras in there. The soundtrack just has a crazy amount of variety. It's great.

So have it! What licensed soundtracks have you really enjoyed from video games?

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Burnout Paradise

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The Darkness 2 had some really great moments set to licensed classic rock songs as well.

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Do the Rock Band games count? Because that's my lazy answer, if so.

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GTA Vice City.

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Brutal Legend.

Never really thought I could into metal music. I was wrong.

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Project Diva?

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I really liked SSX(2012), a lot of great choices, and if you count licensed but original music made for the game then the ost of ssx is also great.

Along the same line of thought the Noisia side of the DmC soundtrack is great, as is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's by Amon Tobin.

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I dunno if it's completely licensed but the Tony Hawk and SSX games had some awesome tracks. I think one of the older burnouts (pre-paradise, maybe revenge) also had a great lineup but I was young back then so I could have mixed up one thing with another.

And GTA San Andreas. I don't know why but me and my sister got hooked into K-Rose, a country music station.

Though honestly, my favorites are from east asian rhythm games and doujin game soundtracks. Makes for great walking around and podcast filler.

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Sleeping Dogs has an exceptionally good one, Saints Row games are always fun and make excellent use of what they licence, and GTA is often filled to the brim with pretty interesting stuff but they don't often set my heart on fire.

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Assuming they count, those pop song covers from Bioshock Infinite were probably some of the coolest moments from that game. Example:

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While some of the GTA soundtracks did a great job of capturing the particular feeling of an era (Vice City especially), Battlefield Vietnam had a twofold advantage over just about any other game: a clearly defined point in time and an assload of songs made during that time. You could close your eyes and swear your dad turned on a 60s/70s station.

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Rock Band 2 or whatever it was. When you could get Slipknot and other good bands off their download service.

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Man, thats tough. I think Im gonna have to go with Bioshock Infinite just because those songs were used so damn well in the game.

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Gone Home uses some good songs from the riot grrl era. That one Heavens to Betsy song fits perfectly with the tone of the game.

Edit: now with the song I was talking about!

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Gonna go with GTA IV. So many great and memorable tracks in that game for me. Shame GTA V's selection was trash.

Runner up would probably be Fallout 3 and New Vegas, since those games introduced me to lots of great classical artists.

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DJ Hero. Some of the mashups on that were awesome.

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1.

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I remember Forza Horizon having a surprising number of songs that I really liked.

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Vice City, hands down.

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Tony Hawk 3.

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Brütal Legend \m/

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Alan Wake has a really strong soundtrack. Really good mix of tunes

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NCAA Football 06. I'm selecting this one kinda for its bizarre yet awesome soundtrack. Its the only college football game that not only has a licensed soundtrack, but a soundtrack that resembles something out of a Tony Hawk game. The majority of songs are punk rock songs, but there are a few outliners like Me Myself, and I from De La Soul. Does the song selection make sense? No, but I love the weird yet sweet song selection.

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I probably would have said GTA: San Andreas had I not played GTA5. There's at least 8 stations that I listen to now, it's amazing how well curated their genres are. Soul, funk, indietronica(?), electronic soul, techno, 90s gangster rap. It's awesome.

I like Tony Hawk 1 and 2 but I think that's more just general nostalgia for that entire game. Then again, tonight's the night that we got the truck..!

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GTA: San Andreas and the original Tony Hawk's Underground. They're both really satisfying as someone with pretty eclectic musical taste. Last(?)-gen Midnight Club and GTA games stuck out as pretty good... for a licensed soundtrack. Fight Night Round 4 is my favorite as far as EA.

Shouts-out to Rock Band 2 for introducing me to shoegaze. Never heard anything like this song till that game

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Not counting rhythm games, it's Saints Row: The Third, easily. Because man, does it make fantastic use of its soundtrack at points. I Need a Hero kicks in at the absolute best moment it possibly can.

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@hailinel said:

Not counting rhythm games, it's Saints Row: The Third, easily. Because man, does it make fantastic use of its soundtrack at points. I Need a Hero kicks in at the absolute best moment it possibly can.

Came in here to post exactly this.

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and the Saints Row games are at the top of my list. I can't really give objective reasons as to why for HP2 other than it's absolutely kick ass. It's one of the few racing video games in which I think the rock music feels better for racing than the electronic music. (Oddly enough, the electronic tracks are switched off by default, so for years I had no idea they were even there!) It even manages to take a couple of Hot Action Cop songs and turn them from silly porn songs into tracks that blend greatly with the game. It also had those great instrumental mixes for the cop parts; I'm not sure why other games never did that.

Also, Saints Row, for reasons already stated by many before.

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Brutal Legend.

Specially interesting if you are looking at a vertical slice of metal music.

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fallout 3 or new vegas easily.i can listen to the radio in those games forever.

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Saints row 4 by a mile i think. Although that might be because it is one in recent memory.

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@hailinel said:

Not counting rhythm games, it's Saints Row: The Third, easily. Because man, does it make fantastic use of its soundtrack at points. I Need a Hero kicks in at the absolute best moment it possibly can.

Came in here to post exactly this.

If I may out-nerd you guys on high-energy 80s songs featured in Footloose, the song is actually titled "Holding out for a Hero".

Now let's watch Kevin Bacon dance:

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Forza Horizon had a great soundtrack. HORIZON BASS ARENA THE SHIT

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#37 Posted by Slag (5547 posts) -

Assuming things like Guitar Hero doesn't count...

Vice City is still tops for me.

But man was Sleeping Dogs good too.

Brutal Legend I thought was a very very under-appreciated one. I'm no metal head but man was there an incredibly wide selection of very well known songs there.

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Probably Brutal Legend. The first title screen I got in that game had the Hellion by Judas priest playing in the background. Man... shame about the game.

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Saints Row 3 and 4 and Hotline Miami.

#40 Posted by Bollard (6413 posts) -

Either Vice City:

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Or Braid:

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Too hard to call.

#41 Posted by Daveyo520 (7340 posts) -

I'd have to go for Vice City in the licensed soundtrack category.

#42 Posted by Vextroid (1463 posts) -

Vice City and Tony Hawk 3

#43 Posted by shadowdrone (73 posts) -

I am going to say Saint's Row 4 because I really liked many of the songs that that they had on the classic station and it seems like The Mix was crafted specifically for me. Not to forget that that moment near the end of the game with the whole sequence where you get the power armor and "The Touch" comes on, you get your powers and go after Zinyak and it's basically the best use of music in a game to date. OMG THAT MOMENT.

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DiRT 2. Nails the atmosphere of an energy drink-fueled motorsports event.

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Late Goodbye from Max Payne and the other Poets of the Fall songs from Alan Wake are pretty amazing.

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The Wing Commander: Prophecy soundtrack was alright. I kinda want to say Descent II too, but the only song that had previously been released was the worst of the songs on that soundtrack (Type-O Negative's Haunted), the tracks by the Skinny Puppy side project OhGr were written specifically for the game and to my knowledge still haven't been released on any compilation albums.

All the Wipeout games have had amazing soundtracks, though I guess my favorites were either the original or Wipeout XL/2097.

Conquest Earth was a terrible game, but I enjoyed the Eat Static soundtrack in there, and Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds had alright techno remixes of the amazing 70's rock musical of the same name.

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@hailinel said:

Not counting rhythm games, it's Saints Row: The Third, easily. Because man, does it make fantastic use of its soundtrack at points. I Need a Hero kicks in at the absolute best moment it possibly can.

I agree with you

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I remember really liking the soundtrack to Fifa 08 (though I hate sports games). I haven't listened to it in years, so I don't know if it holds up.

#49 Posted by zolloz89 (274 posts) -

For some reason, I've been playing Skate again. That track list is pretty great.

#50 Posted by MannyMAR (586 posts) -

Games that stand out to me are the first Gran Turismo, Saints Row 3, Brutal Legend, and Burnout Paradise.