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Poll: Favorite Comic Book Video Game (45 votes)

Batman Arkham City 44%
Batman Arkham Origins 9%
Spider-Man: Edge of Time 0%
Spider-Man 2 18%
Superman Returns 0%
Injustice: Gods Among Us 4%
LEGO MARVEL Superheroes 7%
DC Universe Online 0%
Batman: Vengeance 0%
MARVEL Avengers: The Battle of Earth 0%
Iron Man 2 4%
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe 0%
MARVEL: Ultimate Alliance 7%
MARVEL: Ultimate Alliance 2 7%
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@giantstalker: might as well add Comix Zone, in the good non-license comic book games.

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Of those, definitely Arkham City. I voted for Iron Man 2, though.

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I really liked the punisher on original xbox

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I voted for Batman Arkham City. I have the Game of the Year edition, and it's probably the best Action-adventure game I ever played. Not only can you play as Batman, you also get to control Catwoman in certain parts of the story, too.

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The darkness was pretty good. Haven't read the comics though, but most people that I've seen talk about the game think it's better than the source-material.

But from the games on that list, I'll probably take the batman games. Arkham asylum, since I haven't played arkham city.

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The X-Men Origins: Wolverine game that came out was pretty cool, for a while, so a tip of the hat towards that.
But even then it doesn't beat out the Rocksteady Batman games.

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I would vote for Batman: Arkham Asylum but I will just do the sequel instead. Also you are missing X-Men Legends 1 & 2 and the more recent Deadpool and Marvel Heroes. Has there been any new comic book video games announced? The only one I can think of is the MOBA Infinite Crisis.

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Gotta go with Batman Arkham City, seems like popular opinion is that Asylum was better (seems weird that it's not on this list but Origins is), but I loved what City did to build on its predecessor. Damn, damn fine game. And hey, at least it was a relatively ambitious sequel as far as sequels go these days.

Shout out to The Darkness II, it's more straightforward than its predecessor, but I really enjoyed its gameplay, story and snazzy visuals.

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@giantstalker said:

Throw in Freedom Force and I will almost certainly vote on this poll.

Yeah he blew it. Has Avengers Battle for Earth though whew.

Out of these, Batman Arkham Asylum.

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Out of those Spider-Man 2, I played that game for about 12 hours and didn't even touch any of the missions after I got the spidey swings. Got pretty good at it too. I think.

Out of all video games I like The Darkness and The Walking Dead the best.

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Xmen Origins: Wolverine

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Oh, God. Spider-Man 2. And it's not even close.

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Throw in Marvel Heroes and I might vote in this poll.

Throw in Freedom Force and I will almost certainly vote on this poll.

Yeah I was looking for Freedom Force and City of Heroes (RIP) and sad to see neither on the list. Man, I dumped so much time into CoH. Long live Miss Blizzard!

Anyway, if I were just going by the list, probably Batman Arkham City? Although I would put the first Arkham game above it, just for how groundbreaking it was.

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X-Men, obviously. How could I choose anything else?

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Spider-Man for the original PlayStation.

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@zevvion said:

Spider-Man for the original PlayStation.

I also enjoyed the 2001 sequel, Enter Electro. It was spilling from the seams with extra costumes, and you could even design your own with multiple different game-breaking properties (infinite webbing and invisibility, anyone?).

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Weird that Asylum it´s not in there, but my favourite is the darkness 2, i still play the vendettas to this day

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XIII and yeah, there's a bunch of comic book/graphic novel games missing from that list. Arkham Asylum, City of Heroes, Deadpool, Freedom Force, The Darkness, Marvel Heroes, The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us & that doesn't even touch any of the manga-based stuff...

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Between Marvel UA and Arkham Asylum, and I went with UA because I played and enjoyed the hell out of that game. Wish I kept my Gold edition, it's worth like $80 now.

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Marvel UA2 is awesome but i love the Marvel vs Capcom games especially 2.

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I was quite partial to XIII when it first came out, still waiting on the sequel to that cliff hanger ending...

Putting Arkham games in here is kind've unfair, they're the gold standard for comic book adaptations to games. Not including the Arkham games I voted for Spiderman 2 as swinging around the city in that game was the tops.

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Arkham City hands down.

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Batman: Arkham City but I did love the Ultimate Spider-Man game as well.

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I voted for Arkham Asylum purely because it was so mechanically perfect and robust that when I first played it, it blew me away. Arkham City definitely refined that formula, but my memory of Arkham Asylum is going about searching for all of the audio logs because the voice acting and the writing for every single character was phenomenal. Both are great though.

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Voting Arkham City, but maybe it's Marvel Heroes.

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Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage.

Look it up.

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You were missing Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, the best Spider-Man game. Super Hero Squad on DS was a solid Smash Bros. clone and Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet on consoles was a really fun and charming coop game. X-Men on Gameboy Advance was a fun throwback to NES and SNES side scrollers. I have also heard good things Thor on DS and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. And no mention of the Marvel vs Capcom franchise? Or Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe? What the hell with these options? I voted for Iron Man 2.

@zevvion said:

Spider-Man for the original PlayStation.

This too.