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I am looking for comic strips of the humorous variety. Rather than simply asking for suggestions I thought I would just ask you all what your favorite comic strip is.

Mine is a classic, The Far Side by Garry Larson.

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calvin & hobbes

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Does XKCD count? That's usually good for an occasional laugh.

I also find VGCats occasionally funny (this in particular). You stumble across this kind of thing when you visit TVTropes at work.

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Hands down, Bloom County. It's been my favorite for 20 years and I still find old strips hilarious. The 80's have come and gone but the characters are timeless.

For years my avatar was Opus Penguin.

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hmm... the best straight up comedic thing I follow is probably Oglaf, but that is straight up sex comedy (literally), so...

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Another one for Oglaf here!

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wait, like newspaper comic strip? I could never EVER choose between The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. But online, I only read two; Nedroid and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

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You said comedy so I've another vote for The Far Side.

Calvin and Hobbes is my other favorite, but not for its comedy.

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I was always partial to Mother Goose & Grimm. I love Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield, as well.

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The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes are my favorites as well.

I also really like Pearls Before Swine.

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Oglaf is great. Also so NSFW that they tag comics SFW comics instead.

Cucumber Quest by the girl that did the Persona 4 comics is also fun.

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Pearls Before Swine


Calvin and Hobbes

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Calvin and Hobbes is my other favorite, but not for its comedy.

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My favorite is Calvin & Hobbes, but if you like The Far Side, you might also enjoy The Argyle Sweater

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Calvin and Hobbes

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High five for some Bloom County love! I love Milo, Opus, Bill and the rest of the gang. It was such a surprise hit with me after scoring some collections off of a guy at work, now I have the Complete Library.

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Perry Bible Fellowship

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Calvin & Hobbes

My entire childhood was informed by those strips/books.

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I'm shocked that no one has said it already, but Peanuts. It's funny, but it's also so cleverly and well written. Schulz was a goddamn genius.

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Best. Strip. Ever...Calvin & Hobbes. As for modern hilariousness, Get Fuzzy is my fav.

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in a different tree - calvin-and-hobbes Wallpaper

It will always be the best.

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If everyone hasn't already I'd suggest checking out Mary Worth. Far and away the best newspaper comic strip. I wake up everyday at 5:00 am when the paper is delivered just to get my daily Mary Worth fix.

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