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#1 Posted by BlueLantern1995 (101 posts) -

Mine is Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts 2 tie...what about you. You are only allowed to place 2 in the #1 spot and that is only if you can't pick one without hesitating about which you like better...this does not mean you cannot have a runner up...cause my Runner up is Kingdom Hearts 1.

#2 Posted by Yummylee (22746 posts) -
#3 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I liked this Mickey Mouse game for PS1, that was sweet.

#4 Posted by upwarDBound (654 posts) -
#5 Posted by StarvingGamer (8687 posts) -

KH2. That game was fucking amazing.

#6 Posted by Spoonman671 (4870 posts) -

I don't care for Disney stuff, but Aladdin back on Genesis was pretty cool.

#7 Posted by Sean2206 (258 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts 2 is probably my favorite, I love that series.

@Yummylee: Oh my god that was a huge nostalgia bomb. I'd completely forgotten about that game. It was one of my favorite games on the PlayStation as a kid.

#8 Posted by fantasyfreak07 (66 posts) -

I would say the original Kingdom Hearts.

#9 Posted by PenguinDust (12697 posts) -

The original arcade TRON is the only one that's left any lasting impression on me. I like Disney movies and cartoons, but the games don't excite me.

#10 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

Probably Ducktales for the NES. I played through that game countless times as a kid. It also has one of my favorite songs in video game history, the theme from the Moon level.

Close to that, I'm probably gonna have to stick to childhood nostalgia and say Mickey's Magical Quest for the SNES. Another game I played through countless times. Some great bosses in it. Man I miss when Capcom had the Disney license.

#11 Posted by Jay_Ray (1156 posts) -

Damn I loved the SNES and Genesis platformers back in the day but I think Kingdom Hearts 2 is my pick.

#12 Posted by BeachThunder (12724 posts) -
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@upwarDBound said:

Probably World of Illusion for the Genesis/Megadrive. Aladdin was pretty good too.

and Mickey's Magical Quest.

#14 Posted by BBAlpert (1655 posts) -

@upwarDBound said:

Probably World of Illusion for the Genesis/Megadrive. Aladdin was pretty good too.

Heeeeeellll yeah.

#15 Posted by GunstarRed (5577 posts) -

Aladdin on the Mega Drive. SNES version is lame.

#16 Posted by Sploder (917 posts) -

Super Nintendo Aladdin

#17 Posted by NTM (7677 posts) -

First two Kingdom Hearts games I guess. All the other games were just there.

#18 Posted by Freshbandito (694 posts) -

@upwarDBound said:

Probably World of Illusion for the Genesis/Megadrive. Aladdin was pretty good too.

hell yeah, World of Illusion all the way, everybody in my house played that game through at least twice.

#19 Posted by Milkman (17587 posts) -
#20 Posted by SaintOfKillers (72 posts) -

Aladdin on the SNES and ducktales on NES are the ones i remember really enjoying

#21 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5162 posts) -
#22 Posted by Demoskinos (15359 posts) -

Aladdin for the genesis. Any other answer is wrong although Duck Tales is almost a correct answer as is Darkwing Duck.

#23 Posted by NMC2008 (1237 posts) -

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for Sega Genesis

#24 Posted by ervonymous (1297 posts) -

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers was my first NES game but I still have to say Hercules which happened to be my first game for the Playstation.

#25 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2492 posts) -
@SaintOfKillers said:

Aladdin on the SNES

It was fine, but I always envied the Mega Drive version. My pick is Land of Illusion for the Master System. Young little me really, really hated this guy
#26 Posted by guiseppe (2844 posts) -

Ducktales for the NES, and Aladdin and The Lion King for the Genesis. They are the only ones I could think of, so I guess that means I liked them. Even if the difficulty in The Lion King would make even the most hardcore achievement collector cry today.

#27 Posted by ajamafalous (12264 posts) -

Ducktales on the NES and Toy Story 2 on the N64 are the two I can think of immediately.

#28 Posted by cclemon36 (181 posts) -

I would have to say Lion King. I only have fond memories of that game ...not in any rush to refresh it.

#29 Posted by bananaz (262 posts) -

Mickey Mania on Genesis.

#30 Posted by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts 1 get my vote. KH2 was really good too.

#31 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

Ducktales on the NES for me.

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#33 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2778 posts) -

DuckmotherfuckinTales on the original Gameboy. That game was sweet.

#34 Posted by Butano (1809 posts) -

World of Illusion probably takes the cake. When my brother and I would visit my grandmother, we'd sit down and play it co-op all the time. Wish Disney would make more good games with Donald as a playable character....or a Ducktales game by Warren Spector. God that'd be awesome.

#35 Posted by spiceninja (3085 posts) -

Ducktales, Aladdin on SNES, World of Illusion, Kingdom Hearts 2, Toy Story 2 on PS1.

#36 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5567 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts 2

#37 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5567 posts) -
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@Mr_Skeleton said:

@Yummylee said:

This is the first thing that comes to mind for me.

That game was awesome.

I concur, that game genuinely was fun LOL,

I remember trying to get to the rooftops by using the gadget that pulls you in across the streets, from rail to rail.


#39 Posted by crusader8463 (14441 posts) -

I remember loving the shit out of the Lion King and Aladdin SNES games.

#40 Posted by SmilingPig (1341 posts) -

This looks intresting (if its legit):

#41 Posted by RPGee (763 posts) -

@SethPhotopoulos said:

@Mr_Skeleton said:

@Yummylee said:

This is the first thing that comes to mind for me.

That game was awesome.

I liked it back when I was younger but I could never remember if that game was ever any good or it was just me being young.

I recently got back my old Playstation with this game, and guys, it's pretty good still. Nostalgia comes in to play a bit, but it's still an exceptional movie tie-in game.

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#43 Posted by _Zombie_ (1477 posts) -

KH2. Never played many Disney-related games.

#44 Posted by Dogma (990 posts) -

I have a softspot for all Capcoms Disney games. I really like Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck on NES. On SNES I really dug Aladdin but also Magical Quest. I enjoyed the concept of Epic Mickey even though it had quite a few gameplay problems but is was very charming.

#45 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

Probably Aladdin or Toy Story on the Genesis. They were both pretty cool games.

#46 Posted by Dunsky5 (8 posts) -

KH2 for #1(spent countless hours playing that game) and Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow as #2.

#47 Posted by Wraxend (573 posts) -

Like a lot of other people here its KH2 for me.

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Aladdin and ducktales

#49 Posted by Hector (3382 posts) -

Mickey's Speedway USA was pretty fun so was Monster Inc. Scream Team for PS1.

#50 Posted by MistaSparkle (2150 posts) -

KH games and Aladdin for SNES was pretty cool too.