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I've recently watched individual team segments from "America's Game" that I found not only informative from the players perspective, but emotionally interesting to see how much the sport of Football is apart of these people. Specifically, The 1990 Buffalo Bills and the 1998 Minnesota Vikings documentaries were both amazing. So what Documentary/Biography do you guys/gals like?

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I don't watch a lot of documentaries, actually. I really liked Exit Through the Gift Shop, though that may not be what you're asking here.

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America's Game is a fantastic series. The '99 Rams one is great just because that is such an amazing story. You don't need to know anything about football to enjoy it or the "Missing Ring" series.

Also, Hoop Dreams is just amazing.

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Indie Game the Movie is pretty dope, probably my favorite is Ken Burns' Civil War or Eyes on the Prize. Just remember watching them during middle school and they are just fantastic

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King of King. Unlike mosts docos I've watched it multiple times. I've picked it apart for a presentation at school and I still don't hate it.

Been meaning to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

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Indie Game the Movie is great.

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I don't watch a lot of documentaries, actually. I really liked Exit Through the Gift Shop, though that may not be what you're asking here.

Oh yeah, great movie. Love how it tackles a sub-culture which I assume many people are totally unfamiliar with.

There are a number of great documentaries out there, personally I love Food Inc., the Zeigeist documentaries are a good watch, however the movement itself and its message leans itself too much against the whole ''crazy-conspiracy-Illuminati-Freemason-thing'' :D. Watched Restrepo the other night, powerful stuff, even for a left-winger, by-large pacifist as me. What makes it so genuinely good is that it portrays war as it most likely is, not something you ever want to do unless forced into it, because it cracks that little tiny, yet kinda important aspect of normal behaviour called sanity.

Sometimes I wonder why no one makes an in-depth, full-length documentary about games. Would love to see the whole work behind a game like Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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I watch a lot of Docs. The last one i watched was Until The Darkness Takes Us. Its about metal music from the Early 90's in Denmark and its influence on crime at the time. Pretty interesting, very distrubing self mutilation street play at the end. It really ignores the music and just focuses on the individuals and bands. Fun fact maximum sentence in Denamrk is 21 years, who knew.

My favorite docs i would recommend:

1. The Civil War - by ken Burns. The absolute best ever, probably watched it a dozen times.

2. The Two Escobars/ Once Brothers - Espn films. Espn has done a great job with their docs which are all on netflix, but these two IMO are the best.

3. Super Size Me- by Morgan Spurlock. Still recall the doctor telling him after the first week, You are losing weight, and in the third week, stop this or you could die.

4. The King of Kong a Fistful of Quarters and Indie Game the Movie - A must see for any game player of yesterday, today or tomorrow.

5. El Bulli A cooking in progress. 6 months out of the year one of the most exclusives restaurants closes so that they can come up with a brand new innovative menu. Totally fascinating if you like watching genius at work.

6. Grizzly Man - When madness and passion collide.

7. Exit through the gift Shop. Modern day jack and the beanstalk where everyone buys the beans.

8. The Smartest Men in the Room- If War never changes, neither does big buisness. The fall of Enron never taught anyone anything except the hard working people running the buiness on the lower floors get screwed.

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I just watched Indie Game: The Movie... It is GREAT! It is genuinely a feel-good movie that make you want to scream to the world:


Go watch the movie you silly beets!

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Exit Through The Gift Shop

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if Heima counts, than that.

If not... uh... god I dunno.

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Exit Through The Gift Shop

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I've watched this documentary countless times.

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Quite liked "Bigger Stronger Faster".

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Waiting for Superman was pretty incredible for me, being a student, having my mother be an elementary teacher, and my dad being on the college board at my local junior college....definitely interesting to hear what we all thought after watching it coming at it from all sides.

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1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

2. No Direction Home

3. Burden of Dreams / Cave of forgotten Dreams

4. Gimme Shelter / Grey Gardens

5. Hoop Dreams

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Man on Wire is great, if you want to see crazy French people breaking into the World Trade Center. It is legitametly excellent.

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The Smartest Men in the Room is super fantastic. Also Dope Sick Love is great if you can find it, but it's suuuuuper graphic. They follow around to homeless couples that are addicted to crack and heroin. It's hard to watch but really insightful.

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I don't watch a lot of documentaries, actually. I really liked Exit Through the Gift Shop, though that may not be what you're asking here.

that "Doc" was great, i dont care if it was fake.

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I had a big post explaining why the following things are awesome but I lost it, so here's just a list

Adam Curtis - The Trap

Adam Curtis - The Century of the Self

Curtis - The Power of Nightmares

QPR - The Four Year Plan (this link is merely a summary)

Also seconding the recommendation for American Movie. Excellent film.

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Many of my favorites have already been mentioned so I go with a more obscure one: Marwencol.

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I really like a documentary series called Soupçons/Death on the Staircase/The Staircase (2004). It is about a murder trial from 2003, about a man (Michael Peterson) who was accused of murdering his wife (Kathleen Peterson) and making it seem like she fell down some stairs. There are a lot of surprises in the preparation for the trial and in the trial.

There is a sequel to it coming out, as some very significant things have happened since it was made. I am very excited about this.

The wikipedia article about Michael Peterson has better information than the article on the documentary.



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It might get loud.

James Page, Jack white, and the edge sit sit down and talk about how they got started in music. pretty good stuff.