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#1 Posted by Realkilla789 (117 posts) -

I'm trying to get actual gaming discussion in the GB forums. My favorite Game of E3 is Mirror's Edge

#2 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

I have to say Fallout3 because I have not played previous fallouts and that game just looks great.

#3 Posted by MrFortyFive (2 posts) -

I have to five it to Fallout 3. Maybe that's just because I didn't really know anything about it before, but it really looks amazing. My wallet is going to be begging for mercy soon...

#4 Posted by Atlas (2436 posts) -

Biggest surprise was Dead Space. Best looking game was probably Fallout 3 IMO.

#5 Posted by JeremyTM (47 posts) -

Resident Evil 5 for sure.

#6 Posted by Archaic (50 posts) -

Fat Princess. For sho

#7 Posted by Toseph (370 posts) -

Fallout 3 or Gears 2

#8 Posted by Caddy (308 posts) -

Far Cry 2 impressed me soo much. I can't wait for that game. And then of course Resident Evil 5 and Gears 2 looked great too.

#9 Posted by Locke (330 posts) -

My two favorite New IP's were Dead Space and Mirror's Edge.

#10 Posted by MissileWarriorz (264 posts) -

everything was good maybe Gears 2

#11 Posted by Imensae (139 posts) -

Has to be MK vs DC, u get to burn Superman alive!

#12 Posted by nezze00 (144 posts) -

Far Cry 2 and Gears 2. Far Cry 2 because of the gameplay. Gears 2 because the inclusion of bots. I LOVE BOTS <3!

#13 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

FFXIII even though the only major announcement was multiplat, and Resident Evil 5 looked amazing.

#14 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

Gears 2 hands down.

#15 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

Gears 2 hands down.

#16 Posted by stAtic (1638 posts) -

Far Cry 2 and Mirror's Edge, they look badass!

#17 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

Resident Evil 5 ftw

#18 Posted by WizzyKid (259 posts) -

Geometry Wars 2 for me. Thats looks insanely sweet. I love Shoot 'em ups, and my chart domination on Geometry Wars: Galaxies probably shows that. Also, inFamous was a very nice surprise for me. I love electricity attacks. They brighten up the area, look cool and can chain.

#19 Posted by CarthX (23 posts) -

Mirror's Edge was looking pretty good.

Gears 2 also caught my interest enough to get the original and play through it last week. A little late to the party, I know.

#20 Posted by Randolph (374 posts) -

Siren: Blood Curse.  I've been waiting for some classic survival horror action for a good while, and it comes out this very week.  Besides that, Dragon Age: Origins just looks..... so good. (seriously, it makes me cry tears of joy) It missed being my favorite game just due to the pain of waiting until 2009 to play it.

#21 Posted by Demilich (2599 posts) -

Gonna have to go with RE5. Fallout 3 sort of changed my stance after I saw gameplay though, it has potential.

#22 Posted by _Horde (839 posts) -

Fable 2, I think.

#23 Posted by opeth (1 posts) -

fallout 3 and fable 2.

#24 Posted by Nobility (295 posts) -

From what I have seen, I'm surprised to say Killzone 2.  If the gameplay is good and servers can actually support 32 players with those graphics, well, it'll be the big hit Sony needs.

#25 Posted by Axersia (1615 posts) -

FFXIII, just because of the epic announcement that came with it.

#26 Posted by TSchonbeck (127 posts) -

There are so many but I think it has to be Flock.

#27 Posted by bentedge (2 posts) -

Fallout 3 and mirrors edge for me. Fable 2 caught my interest more than expected as well.

#28 Posted by Darkkn (5 posts) -

Mirror's Edge looks very neat and  seems to be refreshing gameplay experience. Also Empire: Total War looks totally rad. Loved previous entries on this series and Empire  seems to elevate series to new heights, last _great_ strategy game?(before everything is simple action rts for consoles) GIEV!!

#29 Posted by General (54 posts) -

Gears of War 2.  Wish I could have seen more.

#30 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2103 posts) -

Nothing really wow'd me but The Agency.

#31 Posted by ThePeoplesChamp (16 posts) -

GoW2 or Fallout3

#32 Posted by TheSnakeOfWar (72 posts) -

I will have to give it to fallout 3 that game looks so good and had the best trailer at E3.
However if i had to go fanboy for one thing it would have to be Banjo Kazooie N64 coming to XBLA
Biggest disapointment for me was Banjo Kazooie on the 360

#33 Posted by NeoTheta (222 posts) -

Easily my most anticipated is Resident Evil 5. It just looks like it's going to not only ramp up what RE4 did, but it also seems to reinvent many shooter and horror conventions. MARCH 13TH IS WAY TOO FAR AWAY!!! :P

#34 Posted by Terra1909 (312 posts) -

Mega Man 9 people! Plays to my sense of nostalgia.

#35 Posted by Realkilla789 (117 posts) -

im kind of dissapointed in fable 2, it kind of looks the same

#36 Posted by Guiltyspark (554 posts) -

farcry 2

will grab goty

#37 Posted by Alex_V (614 posts) -

Too many brown-looking sci-fi tinged post-apocalyptic shooters for me at E3 - been there and done that. I liked the look of Flower, Left4Dead looked like plain fun, and the buzz around Fat Princess seemed pretty impressive, but LittleBigPlanet seems like the game that may force me to buy a PS3.

#38 Posted by theNoss (14 posts) -

I want to see how Massive Action Game works out when they are close to release because 256 players in one game is mind boggling.

Also, I'm pretty sure that name is just a place holder, what the hell is Massive Action Game?

#39 Posted by BladeOfHeaven (35 posts) -


#40 Posted by Oljud (68 posts) -

Well I have to say Dead Space. Man the game scare the crap out of me. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames look great to, man the A-bomb really works. 

#41 Posted by Vecta (167 posts) -

Toss up between Fable 2 and Fallout.

#42 Posted by MisterMollusk (399 posts) -

Way too many awesome looking games. No idea how I'm ever going to play them all.

#43 Posted by Karmum (11519 posts) -

None of the showings were that fantastic, in my opinion. Maybe Gears 2, but most likely Little Big Planet. Possibly Killzone 2.

#44 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

RE5 or gears 2

#45 Posted by DappaDizzle (179 posts) -

Fallout 3 . havent played the last installments . but this looks awesome 

#46 Posted by Nightkiller93 (174 posts) -

Fallout 3,LBP,RE5,R2,Far Cry 2 all impressed me so much.

#47 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

Gears of War 2. Resident Evil 5 is in a close second.

#48 Posted by SoulTaker (132 posts) -

Kinda hard for me to decide.  I'll have to go with Fable 2, but Dead Space is really interesting.

#49 Posted by Lackadaisical (35 posts) -

Three-way split between Fable 2, Bionic Commando, and Farcry 2.

#50 Posted by Malakhii (1443 posts) -

Fallout 3 was game of show for me. Man the Teddy bear launching Rock-it launcher looked awesome, and the slow down mode (VATS I think) looked really good with the bloody mess perk. I'm also looking forward to fable 2, Far cry 2, Mirror's edge and Spore