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Eddie Gordo from the Tekken Series is has nice looking attacks and a good story, so probably him. 
Oh, and the wolf dude in my pic of course.
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Ryu Hayabusa from Dead or Alive. Although I'm probably biased due to my love of ninja gaiden past and present.

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Chun Li 
Ivy, she's so ridiculous it's awesome

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Paul from Tekken, only cos of his awesome hair

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Sol Badguy

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Kazuya Mishima
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@hamlaser said:
"Sol Badguy "

That name is classic.
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In Super Smash Bros.
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Scorpion, though I have many favorite. Scorpion just happens to have the most personality. Plus he's an undead ninja from hell.

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"Weapons are just tools. True strength lies within me."
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                                                                                                                Guilty Gear XX - A.B.A
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Akira Kazama, of course!  
The worst part is, Rival Schools is probably forgotten by just about EVERYONE. 
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Wouldn't be a thread about games unless someone brings up Killer Instinct. He owns Cinder BTW
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Probably one of the best characters/bosses out on a fighting game.
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 Mine would have to be Vega. 
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Hmmmm, I can only do this by going through fighting franchises and picking my favorites... 
From SF, it'd have to be Vega or Zangief 
From Tekken, I'm a Baek man 
In Soul Calibur, I like Siegfried and Cervantes 
And I guess I can safely say I like Benimaru and Terry Bogard from the SNK fighters.
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Zero Suit Samus - SSBB

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@JJOR64 said:
In Super Smash Bros.
hahahahahahha... i cant stop... hahahahahhahaha
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At the moment I can't think of anyone but Chun-Li and Cammy.

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@spankingaddict: :P      That I would get someone to laugh.         Now on to a real fighting game.
E. Honda
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Mine's gotta be Ryu. A classic.

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Guile without a doubt, closely followed by Balrog (boxer)
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Paul Phoenix, Kazuya Mishima, King. King, I remember having great moves and a great story. 

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From Masters of Teras Kasi
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Link for Soul Calibur II.
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 Bakuryu from Bloody Roar

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Ryu because he's always been awesome and classic, Cammy because she's British and can break a tree (or your spine) in half with her thighs and I really like Terry Bogard aswell because he's just plain cool and not many people ask how you're feeling before breaking your face.
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<----- OVER THERE!

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Devil Jin

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  1. Chun Li (SF) - she was the first female fighter and is still the best
  2. Lei Fang (DOA) - Fun and relatively easy to play with.  She's basically a DOA version of Chun Li in appearance.
  3. Talim (SC) - Another variation on the Chun Li model in my opinion
Yeah, no males, but I almost always pick the female characters.  At first, this was because female fighters were faster and more agile than males.  I needed that quickness more than the power and endurance associated with males.  Then it just became a habit.  There are male character I like (Steve Fox from Tekken) just none as much as the girls.