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Wasn't there a thread about this?

Anyways I have the music that plays when Sonic gets those sparkle things and becomes invincible. I think everyone knows that music.

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I had a phone that rang the Mario Underowrld theme. I think that was my first cell i had that on actually. Now my phone is more or less permanently on vibrate only.

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i am pretty sure, but I may of missed it. :T I tried searching to see if there was before I posted.

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I use to have a phone that Tales of Syphonia battle music for a ring tone.

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@Mrnitropb: awesome, the underworld theme music for SMB would make a perfect ringtone.  Are you talking about the castle stages where you battle Bowser in the original SMB ?
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I have the Punch Out training music as my tone.

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i have the Alert noise from MGS for my text and the FF victory fanfare for my BBM

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It sounded a little sharper on my phone, might have been a remix, but this theme RedRun
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My friend has the typical Final Fantasy victory music for sms. I uses an Mirrors Edge ringtone for a while, though I dont have it on this pc.

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I made this one my ringtone mere minutes ago.

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The TF2 theme is my ringtone.

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Doom E1M1 original

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The Doughnut song.