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#1 Posted by Realkilla789 (117 posts) -

Who's your pick

#2 Posted by Hulk (428 posts) -

Hulk big Gerstmann fan, but Hulk see him as one half of the dynamic duo along with Ryan Davis.  Hulk wish Rich Gallup work for Giant Bomb.

#3 Posted by Oljud (68 posts) -

           They all rock at

Giant Bomb

#4 Posted by BronzDragon (180 posts) -

I love them all equally! ('cept Jeff, I hate that guy =P)

#5 Posted by Guiltyspark (554 posts) -


anyone who can single handedly make every nintendo fan on the planet scream out in pain with 8.8 is a god

not to mention he doesnt jump on hype bandwagons and just give perfect scores to games like vanords dumbass

#6 Posted by get2sammyb (6412 posts) -

Jeff and Ryan for me. Totally respect those guys opinions on everything they play.

#7 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

Brad Shoemaker.

#8 Posted by GleasonRyan (244 posts) -

Jeff but i was hard to choose but Jeff was the first GS editor i watched

#9 Posted by Atlas (2436 posts) -

That's like asking a father of four daughters which one is the prettiest.

But I'd say Jeff.

#10 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

I don't have a specific favorite, I like them all equally

#11 Posted by samcotts (2258 posts) -

Brad probably edges, but they're all equally great.

#12 Posted by Axersia (1615 posts) -

Meh, I don't think I'll answer that... Wouldn't wanna make anyone cry, y'know? :P

#13 Edited by quezcotl (34 posts) -

Brad Shoemaker.

He writes better imo and have a intrest in games I also do.

With that said,Ryan and Jeff is obviously way better on the camera and more funnier,but imo Brad writes way better,and btw im Swedish so im not saying that "I write any good" just saying that his information atleast suits me way better when he wrote anything about any games.

#14 Posted by WizzyKid (259 posts) -

Vinny! He's full of awsomeness!

#15 Posted by I_smell (3924 posts) -

Vinny. He's got 138 points on the Sayain page.

#16 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

I like Vinny, that guy is hilarious. I think he's just a fun dude!

Also, I wanted him to be a host even before Rich left the GS cast. ( Not to say I didn't like Rich, but Vinny was great too )

But I really like all the guys

#17 Posted by Reynolds (78 posts) -

Brad, but only when he wears his glasses.

#18 Posted by Lairdo (543 posts) -


#19 Posted by BladeOfHeaven (35 posts) -

Vinny ftw =P

#20 Posted by Felix (145 posts) -

They're all obviously awesome, but Brad seems the most laid back. Jeff and Ryan are too crazy sometimes. Then again crazy is good...

#21 Posted by duxup (354 posts) -

Whomever they hire next.

#22 Posted by Residentrevil2 (441 posts) -

They're all great! 

Why so serious?

#23 Posted by Shade (120 posts) -

I honestly like them all pretty much equally. Vinny never fails to make me laugh though.

#24 Posted by RedShirt (24 posts) -

I like them all but I hope they get Rich Gallup back, I stopped listening to the gs cast after he left

#25 Posted by Blacknight (23 posts) -


#26 Posted by Death_Burnout (3796 posts) -

They all have their own unique perks, its too tough to choose, you need all 4 to make 1 great thing, get rid of one and then its not the same awesome blend.

In the end, I cant pick

#27 Posted by doublefafa (8 posts) -

I like mostly everyone, but if i ahd to pick it would be Brad or Ryan

77    77    77
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77     77    77

#28 Posted by NeoTheta (222 posts) -

I like all the guys at the bomb, but Vinny's charisma makes me like him the most.

#29 Posted by microwavedapple (160 posts) -

I like everyone at Giant Bomb, but Ryan is my favourite. He's fucking hilarious!

#30 Posted by Sharvie (93 posts) -

I like Brad... because he has the voice of what i imagined God's sounds like.

#31 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -
Death_Burnout said:
"They all have their own unique perks, its too tough to choose, you need all 4 to make 1 great thing, get rid of one and then its not the same awesome blend.

In the end, I cant pick"
I agree with that, because when it was only Jeff and Ryan here (only them), it wasn't as awesome of a site.
#32 Posted by Disgaeamad (1342 posts) -

I like them all equally, really. They're all humourous and they have their own styles.

#33 Posted by iamsickofspam (111 posts) -

I don't have a favourite, but i generally take note of the opinion of all the guys here, they have similar taste in games, i have had some differing opinions about games reviewed in the past, IE Jeffs XIII(Thirteen) Review on Gamespot back in the day, i thought he underrated the game, but thats to be expected with any journalist, I dont think i have ever agreed 100% with any videogame review.

These guys have honnest impartial reviews, its why im here, i respect that.

#34 Posted by Meliv (79 posts) -

Brads voice does things to me

Jeff and Ryans ramblings make me laugh

We don't see enough Vinny :(

#35 Posted by Ishoturface (421 posts) -

Jeff (duh)

#36 Posted by Ishoturface (421 posts) -

Jeff (duh)

#37 Posted by Brucie (129 posts) -

Jeff for his knowledge
Vinny for his editing
Brad for his voice
Ryan for his humor

#38 Posted by HomoPocket (47 posts) -

Had Alex joined Giant Bomb I probably would have listed him alongside Jeff as #1 because they're funny as hell. BUT over time I've come to really like the rest of the Giant Bomb crew so I can't really pick a favorite since they all make me laugh.

#39 Posted by SSbabel (1141 posts) -

Its to hard to choose between Jeff and Ryan, guess ill just blow my brains out cheers.

#40 Posted by Aaron_G (1613 posts) -

I love all of the GiantBomb staff!

#41 Posted by JoshB (169 posts) -

Jeff or Brad. I like jeff because he seems like my friend who is totally into gaming, and brad because he seems just like me...

is it sad that I live vicariously through editors of a videogame site?
#42 Posted by JPXTom (13 posts) -

damn..i was gonna make a thread like this...looks like someone beat me to the punch.  My vote either goes for Brad or Vinny.  They are both pretty funny in the videos/in the podcast.  I'm gonna have to go with Brad for the win though.

#43 Posted by MikPick (333 posts) -

I honestly can't pick. Though if I had to, I find Vinny most intesresting in podcasts.


The staff need to go steal Alex N, Greg K, and Rich G. I don't care if they have other jobs.

#44 Posted by AegisOfDawn (70 posts) -

I can't choose, they're all so equally awesome.

#45 Posted by Nibbz (203 posts) -

they all kick ass. but jeff's a beast, as is brad.... and ryan..... vinnie too.... fuck it i love em all

#46 Posted by DarkLegend (1387 posts) -

I'm a huge Jeff fan.

#47 Posted by MikeydCT (563 posts) -

Ryan Davis, I look like him and have the same last name.

#48 Posted by Scorched (691 posts) -

I like them all but If I had to choose I'd say jeff

#49 Posted by calf_exercises (858 posts) -

ryan, he makes me smile

#50 Posted by Crossknive (30 posts) -