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I omitted the mmo's and sequels (X-II) in the series just to narrow it down. And only did what i considered as the core games in the series.

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VI. Best story, best music, best battle system, best customization, best characters, best EVERYTHING.

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FFV forever. It has a goofy story, but it's funny and plays fast and it has the most interesting, flexible job system the series ever saw. Also, some of the best themes to grace any of the Final Fantasy soundtracks.

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My favorite is 7.

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9 all the way.

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Final Fantasy 10 is among my favourite games of all time, so I'm gonna have to go with that one!

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I only ever really cared for Tactics Advance. Never cared for any of the numbered games.

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Final Fantasy 9.

Loved everything about it. Ditched the angsty story and futuristic settings from FF7 and FF8 for a more traditional fantasy setting that was still very unique and interesting. A bold move that makes FF9 probably the least liked PSX era Final Fantasy games, but I still hold it as the best. That's not to say I hate FF7 and FF8, I played both of those first and enjoyed them at the time. But upon replaying the three, I found FF9 to be the only one I can still enjoy, both story and gameplay.

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My favorite always kind of goes back and forth between IX and VI, but tonight I'm feeling like IX.

I also really like XII as close third.

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i played the most of XI but it's not an option

i got the farthest and liked the characters the best from X out of the few that i played so i guess that's my answer

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FFV followed closely by X and VII....I've tried playing VI several times but I can never get into it and stop around half way through, I don't get the hype.

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X is my favorite game of all time. But I think 12 is probably a better game....maybe......But it IS my numero dos fav FF game. 
I own ALL the FF games and most of the side ones.

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X is probably the best technically, but the writing of IX will always place it higher in my heart.

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FF6 represent.

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Final Fantasy IX. For the soundtrack and lack of angst. Also, because of the great characters in particular Freya and Vivi.

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I voted IV...but I meant IX. Even though I know VI was the best...

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VII was the one I played when I was a kid so I voted for that, though I've been playing VI recently and it's pretty good.

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@Video_Game_King said:

VI. Best story, best music, best battle system, best customization, best characters, best EVERYTHING.

VI is pretty fun, but I have to stick with what I know the best and that is IX. Probably because It was my first "Owned" FF instead of just playing them at friends or renting. The characters I enjoyed more in 9 then 6 than any ff ever so meh. Least the VGK didn't pick 10.. FF10 was horrible : /

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Well, since I can't vote for my favorite, I'll shout it in this thread.  
FFX-2 is the best Final Fantasy game. It has the best battle system by far and easily the most robust job system. Yeah, everything else is incredibly stupid, but is there any Final Fantasy without a ridiculously stupid story and characters? At least X-2 has scene skip, so it's not that painful. 

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I still need to actually finish a Final Fantasy game (well, besides 13) before I can say for sure. Gotten to the end of three different games without finishing them...

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XIII... 13.

Followed by 7.

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VI > IX > IV > X-II > XII > VII > I > XIII > X > V > III > II >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> VIII
Haven't played much of the MMOs and don't really plan to either.

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Final Fantasy 8. Triple Triad, motherfuckers.

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FFVI or bust!

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XII > VI = V > XIII > VII > IV > X > I > III > VIII > II

Havn't played IX yet.

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6, 7, and 9 are my favorites. The others? Well...man...I think the games before 6 are looked at as good, from a modern point of view of the word 'good' as it pertains to video games, because of nostalgia. For example, I've tried to play through 4 many times. I just...it's just rough man. The constant grinding, the slow pace. It's just not for me. 8 was awful. I've never played the games past 9 so I can't speak to those games.

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If you haven't played VI...do it. Look, it still holds up as one of the best RPG stories ever. In my opinion by a LONGshot the best in the series, and the best RPG from the 16-bit era

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Final Fantasy XIII for me. : )

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I loved Final Fantasy 9 so much. I just loved how fantastical the setting was.

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Final Fantasy V will always be my favourite. It's got the best class system, best music, and funniest story/characters of a FF game. It's also one of the few games that's had me feel genuine loss over a character death.

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@Video_Game_King said:

VI. Best story, best music, best battle system, best customization, best characters, best EVERYTHING.

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VI for sure.

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@boshjoyer said:

Hands down FF VI. Best music of the series, best characters, Kefka being the greatest villain of the series and overall story. Plus it has this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuvSDedrtKM.

Better version.

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X followed closely by VIII.
Then probably VII. The rest are all good, but don't hold the same place in my heart like those do. Maybe IX, but barely- only for Vivi.

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VI. That opening on the snes when the music kicks in and you see the three mech suits walking through the snow sends shivers down my spine to this day.

That being said, I haven't played IX yet and really want to.

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@Juno500 said:

XII > VI = V > XIII > VII > IV > X > I > III > VIII > II

Havn't played IX yet.

XII represent. I want an HD release so bad.

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The only ones I've played to completion are IV and XIII, so I'm gonna go with IV.