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I have a tie between one menu song that's really pleasant and another that's too catchy. Probably the best menu music I've heard that's too damn good for its own good is from Civilization 4. Babu Yetu might be the most beautiful song I've heard in a game. It even won a Grammy in 2010, yet Civ 4 came out in 2005, which is pretty strange.  

  The second menu music I've posted came from the N64 game Buck Bumble. Now I have a funny story with this game for one time when I was 7 years old, I was in a waiting room for an orthodontist, but it was the best waiting room ever since it had 4 Sega Genesis consoles and an N64. After losing all my lives in Sonic the Hedgehog, I moved onto the N64, where a game of Buck Bumble was left in progress. I was having so much trouble playing this game as I couldn't figure out how to fly and because of that walked really slowly for 4-6 painful minutes. I got mad and decided to quit, but before I left, I was hearing the catchiest rap in a game ever! I had no idea what the vocalist was saying, but it was so damn catchy and I actually had a better time listening to the rap then playing this game. Maybe I'd enjoy Buck Bumble better if I knew the controls, but I'd totally play the game again just to listen to the menu music.  
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  Or if that doesn't count, it being a title and not a menu.
  This song is perfect, in every version and game I hear it its downright perfect.
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All the Mass Effect games have great menu music but nothing beats ME1.

Kingdom Hearts is also really good.

EDIT: Totally forgot about Metroid Prime. This theme is so badass.

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Both get me hyped for the game immediately.

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@JeanLuc: The Prime theme was actually the one I thought of when I read the title.
But Zelda just holds more value overall to me, but that theme is sick, as are its remixes found on the web.
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@TaliciaDragonsong: Totally get what your saying. I love the Zelda menu theme so much. Really, there are just too many themes for me to post.

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one of the most enjoyable menu themes i've heard in a while

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@JeanLuc: Its true, there's a lot of good game themes. 
I love these kind of topics, so I'll stop derailing it now and listen to more music.
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Most of what I'd probably suggest has already been posted, so I'll just put up this gem. Probably my favorite menu theme this year, anyways.

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I'm just going to post more if everyone's ok with that.

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Dragon Age: Origins, no question. Deus Ex: Human Revolution also has a really good one.

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Company of Heroes had some great menu music, really fit the feel of the game. First version was from the basic ('vanilla') version of the game, they added a second theme in later expansions which is even better. Still waitin' on a sequel.

EDIT: I typically don't do this, but man, Medal of Honor: Frontline had music that was phenomenal. Probably my favorite of all time, thanks of Michael Giacchino. If you enjoy this then get the whole soundtrack ASAP

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You guys forgot the best one.

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A lot of great ones in here. I can't recall anything I've noticed particulary in the past. BUT. Listen to the Risen 2: Dark Waters menu music. Especially after 50 seconds. I haven't played this game but I'm a sucker accoustic guitar and I'm violently in love with this.

Edit: Oh lord. I don't mean to derail this thread. But I just have to make an early call to make the Risen 2 soundtrack the most underated soundtrack of 2012.

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I really liked this 2011 one:

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Pacman Championship Edition DX

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@MrMo said:

You guys forgot the best one.

I totally forgot! Thank you for including.

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@ImmortalSaiyan: Yes. Solar Fields is always wonderful to hear. A great great pick.

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It's a really slow burn, but this is some kickass chillout music. I'd leave the game on pause for hours for this:

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I didn't play these 2 games yet but I love it's menu themes:

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@JeanLuc said:

@MrMo said:

You guys forgot the best one.

I totally forgot! Thank you for including.

Indeed, Saints Row: The Third menu music is one of the best.

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Battlefield 2. Duh.

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i'd have to choose between civ 4 and skyrim, with civ 4 stealing the show

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Not sure if it counts as game music but it is a menu:

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Morrowind probably had my favorite. Lots of good ones though: Condemned, Red Faction, Hitman: Contracts, Mutant Storm Reloaded, Halo, Toe Jam & Earl... Fuck, I think I like most menu music to be honest.

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Dig dig dig dig dig diggity dawg!

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@Muerthoz said:

Not sure if it counts as game music but it is a menu:

This thread is over. He found it. I mean, the NDX can't be wrong!

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This one really stuck with me, Mass Effect 1 was perfect as well.

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since someone already posted witcher 2's music, here's my other current favorite:

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@Briggs713 said:

Pacman Championship Edition DX


Shut this thread down. We have a winner, folks.

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I love these two themes.

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@razkazz: i really loved the resident evil one for some reason

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@ImmortalSaiyan: i love both of those :D

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Can't believe no one has mentioned this yet

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I think nailed it.

But, also unforgettable for many of us Bombers:

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People have posted some excellent ones here, but this one deserves mention:

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I've always really liked Catherine's main menu on both an aesthetic and musical level. Stylish, catchy, and dire are three words I'd probably never string together in any other context, but I think they sum up Catherine's main menu pretty well for various reasons. I definitely had days while playing the game that I'd just pick a nice-looking part of the screen that was interesting and just let that music by Shoji Meguro jam for a while.

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Guys, guys, guys.


We're forgetting the most obvious one right now.