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Poll: FAVORITE Video Game Controller (146 votes)

Xbox 360 Gamepad 46%
Dual Shock 25%
Gamecube Gamepad 9%
Wii U Gamepad 1%
Nintendo 64 Controller 4%
Nintendo Entertainment System 1%
Novint Falcon 1%
#1 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I picked the 360, but only because they released the version with the rotating D-pad, making it not terrible.

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360 feels perfect for me.

the way the sticks and buttons are laidout, the size of it fits my hands, its comfortable to use for hours. best controller ive used.

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I've had a Novint Falcon for a few years now and I'm pretty sure it doesn't deserve an entry into the grand list of controllers.

Even though it was fun to use in singleplayer games, it was hard as hell to aim with. I tried practicing with it online for hours... I never got used to it. Also, it hurt your arm like hell after an hour of gametime.

The most fun I had with the NF was setting the rumble force to the highest while shooting the Heavy's minigun in TF2. The damn thing almost fell off my desk. lol

Anywho, the best controller for me is the Xbox 360 one.

#4 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

N64. Because Goldeneye and Perfect Dark multiplayer.

#5 Posted by Canteu (2912 posts) -

360. Someday, sony will understand that they should put their left analogue stick where their D-pad is.

Really don't like the dualshock.

#6 Posted by mwng (1031 posts) -

The Sega Saturn pad by far.

But I since it's not on your list, the 360 pad is ok for general stuff.

#7 Edited by Optix12 (648 posts) -

Original Xbox controller. I have no clue why but that felt perfect in my hands, when I held the S when they came out it jsut didnt feel right, but forced to adapt.

#8 Posted by Mysterysheep (402 posts) -

I don't care what anyone says. The so-called "DUKE" will always be known as The Fat Controller to me.

#9 Posted by BeachThunder (13353 posts) -

Always be keyboard and mousing.

#10 Posted by Jagged85 (213 posts) -

Dual Shock

#11 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

DualShock of the 2 variety.

#12 Posted by Rebel_Scum (937 posts) -

What no Atari one button joystick option!?Seriously though there is a big lack of controllers mentioned in this poll. No Sega?

The 360 gamepad is pretty damn comfortable.

#13 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -


The DualShock 4 looks pretty sexy to me.

#14 Posted by Nev (600 posts) -

The 360 controller is the most comfortable controller I've ever used. So, that.

#15 Edited by DarthOrange (4131 posts) -

DualShock all the way. People who say Sony should put the left stick where the D-Pad is are FUCKING INSANE.

#16 Edited by big_jon (6193 posts) -

360 controller, though it could use a fair bit of work still.

I loved the Duke though.

#17 Posted by lettuceman44 (117 posts) -

Mouse and Keyboard, but for controllers its hard.

I really like the Xbox 360 controller, it feels good, but good god that d-pad is horrible. Complete and utter trash. I have trouble selecting damn tactics in Fifa using that thing. The new d-pad is better, but still pretty much crap.

So I also like the dual shock, it is nice, but doesn't feel as comfortable.

Still like the Gamecube though :P

#18 Posted by UlquioKani (1289 posts) -

360 followed closely by the GameCube. I prefer the stick layout of those.

#19 Edited by ssj4raditz (1156 posts) -

Kinect, since I AM THE CONTROLLER.

#20 Posted by believer258 (13041 posts) -

SNES isn't on there.

But I say PS2. Not 3, 2. It works well for the widest variety of genres.

#21 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1522 posts) -

DualShock all the way. People who say Sony should put the left stick where the D-Pad is are FUCKING INSANE.

Finally someone sane around here

#22 Edited by mandude (2670 posts) -

Mouse and Keyboard for the sheer amount of control it allows the player (WHEN SUCH FEATURES ARE PRESENT IN A GAME).

As far as consoles go: the 360 controller feels nice to hold, but I dislike the asymmetry and the toy-like buttons. The DualShock wins for being classier, symmetrical, and being the first controller around that wasn't simply a brick with buttons.

#23 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

For gamepads, it would have to be the 360 controller. It took me a period of years to come around to the Dual Shock, but the 360 controller felt natural almost immediately.

My main choice (although I wouldn't necessarily consider it a "controller"), though, is the mouse and keyboard. As somebody else pointed out, however, it's only really the best when used for a game that isn't a crappy console port. There's nothing more awkward than playing a game designed for a controller using a mouse and keyboard.

#24 Posted by MOAB (464 posts) -

i've completely converted to the mouse and keyboard/orbweaver, but the duke was the most comfortable controller i've used.

#25 Edited by Nodima (1553 posts) -

Dual Shock, easy. Both XBox controller's jelly buttons really turn me off playing, I feel uncomfortable and a little confused having my thumbs diagonal for a long period of time. And I still use a d-pad for menus, because it feels more tactile, so it's placement on the Dual Shock is perfect - also, that's where the d-pad always was pre-analog.

Mouse and keyboard is too much to think about, I've never been a hotkey guy. I recently grabbed Civ IV when it was $5 on Steam and I don't use a single hotkey. That's also why I could never play Starcraft multiplayer. And unlike most people, aiming with a mouse seems really cumbersome to me (not that I play a lot of shooters). Too much hand movement.

Runners-up would probably be the SNES controller, the N64 controller and the Gamecube controller. The latter two have prevalent flaws, but I'm a lefty so the Era of the N64 Shooter was a very prosperous one for me, and while the triggers and c-stick on the Gamecube are weird that's still so easily the most comforting controller to hold. For everything they got wrong in the promotion of that system, the ergonomics of that duder were no lie.

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The 360 controller fits perfectly in my hands. So my vote goes to that.

#27 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2201 posts) -

Tsk. I didn't see the Mouse & Keyboard option. I didn't figure that'd qualify as "Video Game Controller."

I seriously do not understand how people can like the Dual Shock. It's tiny, and forces your hand into weird shapes to use it. Much like the PSP.

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360 is my favorite so far.

#29 Posted by jdh5153 (1097 posts) -

360. It just feels perfect. The Xbox-S controller was nice, probably my second favorite with the Dreamcast coming in at #3

#30 Posted by cclemon36 (183 posts) -

Picked DualShock, I like it and never had issues with it. I like the 360 pad as well (I use it on the PC), but hate how the right stick "drifts"; it randomly starts panning the view when I'm not touching it.

#31 Posted by Tajasaurus (1508 posts) -

360 is perfect I think, but that could just be because I have spent so much time with it between my Xbox and my PC. It has never felt uncomfortable though.

And I know I might be in a minority but I will always adore the Gamecube controller.

#32 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2393 posts) -

The 360 game pad is the best for consoles and PC due to it's analogue sticks and triggers that lends itself to shooters and racing games.

#33 Posted by Daveyo520 (7386 posts) -

The 360 one, I would say it is the best ever made.

#34 Posted by MeganeAgain (125 posts) -

Although it's not as comfortable as the 360 or Gamecube controllers, I'd say the Dualshock is my favourite. I believe that it's the most well-rounded controller in all of gaming. It's good for any type of game.

The 360 and Gamecube controllers are among favourites, but they do not well-suited for certain game genres. Both controllers are pretty weak for fighters and 2D platformers, for example.

The Dualshock is solid enough that I'll sometimes even play on my Dualshock 3 instead of my arcade stick for fighters.

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#36 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

@mandude said:

Mouse and Keyboard for the sheer amount of control it allows the player (WHEN SUCH FEATURES ARE PRESENT IN A GAME).

As far as consoles go: the 360 controller feels nice to hold, but I dislike the asymmetry and the toy-like buttons. The DualShock wins for being classier, symmetrical, and being the first controller around that wasn't simply a brick with buttons.

Dualshock for me, but I also like the Gamecube pad a lot along with the Genesis / Saturn six button pad.

#37 Posted by Village_Guy (2817 posts) -

360 controller is the best I've ever held.

#38 Posted by Snail (8781 posts) -

Why have you listed the two different Xbox controllers but only one of the three different PlayStation controllers released?

Anyway, keyboard and mouse.

#39 Posted by rentacop (116 posts) -

360 with the Vita dpad would be the best thing to ever grace my hands. Still is the best but they need to step up the dpad game for the nextbox.

#40 Posted by TooWalrus (13344 posts) -


3, specifically.

#41 Edited by TobbRobb (5248 posts) -

I voted Dualshock before I saw M+KB was an option. Well I guess I kind of like them equally so it should be fine.

#42 Posted by Nightriff (6522 posts) -

WAVEBIRD MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Best controller ever, then the S-Controller, B and W way better than Left/Right Bumper

#43 Edited by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

I can't vote because for some reason you thought stuff like the original nes controller (which is unconfortable as holy hell if you have large hands) is more worthy of entry than the one I would choose the SNES controller. Of the ones on your list the XBox 360 controller is easily the most comfortable.

Keyboard and mouse are not controllers. I really don't get why you have them on the list, they also totally suck for certain games so should only really be used for the games they are good for. Like Call of Duty or MMO's cause you need 500 buttons.

#44 Edited by hollitz (2110 posts) -

Dreamcast, more for nostalgic purposes than ergonomic design. Current gen, I really couldn't care less. The Dualshock and 360 pad are both equal in my eyes, but I'll give the 360 pad the edge since I can use it for PC games too. That's pretty wonderful. As for Nintendo, the only controller they've made that I've liked was the Snes one.