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I was listening to this weeks podcast on my commute yesterday evening and Patrick mentioned that now that he has a capable PC he has a bunch of games he wants to try out, one of them being Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. It got me thinking of how disappointed I was with that game, especially because it started off so good.

The story was set up amazingly with the perfect amount of mystery and atmosphere, I thought it was especially good at making the actions of the enemies feel logical and coordinated. This was probably going to be my favorite horror/suspense experience of all time...but then they gave you a firearm. I didn't immediately hate it, I liked how there was no targeting reticule and you had to mentally keep track of how many bullets were left in your round and it was cool how that extended into you having to manually reload your gun instead of the game doing the work for you. Something happened though and although I can't quite put my finger on exactly why but the game stopped being fun and I ended the game very shortly afterwards. I don't want to hype up the early segments of the game too much for those who still haven't played it and think they may at one point but it was very well executed. I hear Amnesia does hit all the right notes but I'll need a better PC to play that.

Another one I'd like to mention is Metroid: Other M, I'm not a hard core Metroid fan so I was fine with the experimentation. I don't care about the VA, or Samus' abiding by Adam, or how she froze up in front of Ridley. What I did care about was that it ended up being quite linear and the combat never got to a point of challenging up until towards the end. I still loved it though. It was a great looking and stylish game, there eventually was some exploration, and the combat (sans missile firing) still came off as fun thanks to how nimble Samus was. It wasn't the Metroid game I wanted and it definitely isn't the game that many fans wanted but I still really liked it.

So what is your favorite disappointment?

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Far Cry 2. The story is completely hard to follow. The time between combats was incredibly long. The respawn of the guards at each outpost when driving and that they would almost instantly kill you.

With all those downfalls. I loved the game. I hated it for a while until I learned of the bus travel (which included saves which is partly why I hated traveling so much....). Still absolutely worth a full play through but just know. There are some HARD pills to swallow about that game.

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Maybe Supreme Commander 2. The poster child for how not to dumb down a game for consoles. I wonder whatever happened to the whole "RTS games can totally work on consoles, guys!" phase from a few years back.

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Gears of War: Judgment quickly springs to mind. Despite the disappointing lack of content--most importantly the removal of Horde mode--and the revolting amount of DLC after the fact, I've still had a lot of fun with the game and have been playing it pretty regularly since its release.

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I don't think it's a bad game at all, but Metroid prime 3

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Brink... It had everything it needed to be an awesome game... but all the little annoying things that existed completely ruined it. I always install it every now and then, hoping to get back into it... but no, I just can't. That game was such huuuge wasted potential.

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Probably both Black & White games. I really liked a lot about the goofy take on a God game but there were definitely times that the actual mechanics didn't feel right. They felt real close to being some of my favorite games of all time but ultimately they were disappointing. Thank yeux Molyneux.

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I'm not sure what qualifies as a favorite disappointment but I'll list the ones that might

Best disappointing game: Dishonored. Now, I love Dishonored, but I had overly high hopes for it. Still, it's hard to feel bad about one of my favorite 2012 releases.

Least disappointing disappointing game: ME3. It could've been so much more, but in the end I didn't really mind that it wasn't. I found the extended cut refusal ending satisfactory as well so that was a pleasant surprise after what I'd seen and heard of the endings beforehand.

Most disappointing game is Other M. I like the Retsupurae video though so it's not all bad.

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Assassins Creed III.

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Fable comes to mind. I enjoyed a lot of it, but felt like it didn't really stick the landing. It felt confined and repetitive after just 5 or 6 hours. It's still quite good though, and I've played it a couple of times.

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Dragon Age 2: Just was wrong in every way possible. Not a bad game, actually a good game by basic standards but a fucking terrible Dragon Age game and was not how a sequel to Origins should've gone.

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Gears Judgement, terrible competitive multiplayer, no horde, overrun is bad. Survival is the only thing I loved (a variation of horde)

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I find it hard to like a game that disappointed me because, well, it was a disappointment..

Ah what the heck:

Best disappointing game: Dishonored. Now, I love Dishonored, but I had overly high hopes for it. Still, it's hard to feel bad about one of my favorite 2012 releases.

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I don't tend to get disappoined a lot as i rarely pre-order or buy games super early unless i know the game is good and i have confidence in the developer.

I did mess up and buy Borderlands 2 though, was really disappointed as the writing was terrible and relied to much on awful memes and tried way to hard to be funny. Most sites seemed to praise the gameplay and characters and i knew Borderlands 1 was solid so i bought it and immediately regretted it once i met Claptrap in the opening scenes, the first 10 hours were obnoxious and i ended up quitting and never touching the game again.

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Arkham City wasn't a disappointment in that I thought it was bad, but it was so not the experience I was thinking when I bought "the sequel to Arkham Asylum".

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Mass Effect 2. A very well made and engaging game in a great world, I played through it at launch and loved it, but, in hindsight, in too many ways it feels dumbed down and less deep than ME1. They tried to make it more of an action game than an RPG, but the shooting still wasn't that good.

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@rorie: I didn't find Sup Com 2 to be all that poor, was still able to make absurdly oversized forces; though to be fair I paid the steep sum of ~$1.42 for it.

Edit: Maybe images didn't come through the site transfer? Alas.

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Was also confused on what counts so i will just list a few personal disappointments.

Favorite disappointing - Dragon Age 2

Did not hate it and enjoyed myself with the added character stuff. But feeling like it was rushed in every step of the way keep me wondering what could have been. Many features being streamlined or taken out, along with the story falling apart at the end.

Most Disappointing - Assassin Creed 3

Talk about a game that disappointed in almost every level. The story fell apart, combat was streamlined with less features, poor mission design, pointless activities, buggy as hell, bad ending and in the shell of a AAA game which made it all the more disappointing.

Painful Disappointment - Mass Effect 3

Was close to the most disappointing until i played AC3 but this one hit me the hardest because it so easily could have went the over way around and been the greatest game trilogy ever hands down. Mass Effect 3 really only fell apart at the end which just leave a bad impression on the closure to the world of mass effect.

Aside from the ending is how much bigger and better the third act of that game could have been. How much more everything in the game could have been. Every other mission should have been like the battle on Tuchanka where your choices could really changed the outcome. Mass Effect 3 quickly made all your choices pointless in the big picture of things. I could go on and on but in short the potential was so high and for Mass Effect 3 to miss so much of that potential is just kind of heartbreaking.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines. Shit game. Fun to play.

*readies ak74*

Come on mofos. I take your fucking bullets.

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The only one I can think of is Empire Total War. Its actually a really fun game with some neat ideas, but I was really disappointed that my computer wasn't ready to run the thing at a solid framework. Also, the naval battles really disappointed me.

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Arkham City wasn't a disappointment in that I thought it was bad, but it was so not the experience I was thinking when I bought "the sequel to Arkham Asylum".

Couldn't agree more

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I really enjoyed Dark Corners of the Earth despite its myriad issues (including the dreaded reef glitch ;__;). There was some amazingly creepy and disturbing things in that game, and the hotel scene was perfect (well, except the unskippable cutscene at the start).

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I could say ME3, I could say D2, but lets face it, we all know they suck so I'll try and be original.

I'm a HUGE paradox interactive fan, love every single one of their titles, especially their grand strategy games, but their most recent release "March of The Eagles" based on the Napoleonic wars was very disappointing, it was basically just..... basic and too focused on military aspect of it, had the timeline been expanded, events been included I would of generally liked it alot more, but this game really seems like a cash grab, one that I should of more thoroughly investigated in before I snatched it up like I generally do with all of their games.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. I was really excited for it. It had dismemberment, better graphics, better gameplay, but the story was SOOO short. Plus, as a result of LucasArts being shut down by Disney (a.k.a. the Great Satan), there's a slim chance that we will get the much needed sequel after the cliffhanger we were left with.

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@rorie said:

Maybe Supreme Commander 2. The poster child for how not to dumb down a game for consoles. I wonder whatever happened to the whole "RTS games can totally work on consoles, guys!" phase from a few years back.

Ah Supreme Commander 2, the only game I bought twice. Got it for my 360 when the PC I was using at the time decided to take a dump. Bought it again when I got a new one, neither time could I get into the game. On your second point, I think devs realized that RTS is a genre that is pretty exclusively a PC only thing and gave up on concept.

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Lately, Dead Space 3. What a slogfest...

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Favourite disappointment is a really bizarre thing to think about. It's not the 'most disappointing.' It's not 'favourite underrated.' It's a game that disappointed you personally that you still enjoyed a bunch, correct?

I think my award goes to Dragon Age 2. In many ways, that game is better than the first. In many other ways, it's significantly worse. I still enjoyed the shit out of it regardless.

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Dead Rising, probably. A ton of fun when fucking around, but when I actually tried to play through the game properly... woof. Not enjoyable (to me). Same goes for the sequel, although that at least was a little less unforgiving (except FUCK those gas zombies... when they start showing up, I start over) and had a lot more interesting areas to run around in.

I do hope for a next-gen Dead Rising, though. For a game I hate to actually play, I'm still a big fan.

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Prisoner of War. I was looking forward to that game for the longest time. I remember being pretty disappointed by it, the game was a bit on the crappy side, it looked bad, bad controls, glitches galore, bad stealth and terrible voice-acting. Yet I played through it three times, I still saw the potential in that game and it is still pretty unique. I just loved the idea of following a routine of a WW2 prisoner and trying to slip away unnoticed. I'd really like to see a similar game made in the future.

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Far Cry 2. I wanted to love that game so bad.

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Uncharted 3.

I was looking forward to it like a madman and then... nothing about it clicked. I kept telling myself I was crazy, how could it not be great? I must have overhyped myself right?

Nope, it's not nearly as good as Uncharted 2. Broke my damn heart. Still a very good game though.

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Half Life 2, but mostly my own fault for getting in the ultra high hype bandwagon they had going for that thing, I mean I followed the game's progress obsessively for like 2 years, in the end the game was still great, but since I already knew fucking 90% of what was going on, weapons available, types of enemies, locations etc It ended up being a sub par experience for me...

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I'm going to tentatively go with Halo: Reach. It's a great game, and when people say "Where's a good place to get on the Halo train?" I say Halo: Reach. But so much of the dramatic tension of that game was messed up by the way they handled your invulnerable AI companions. I know that's a super-minor point to focus in on, but with the two marquee SciFi shooters being Halo and Gears of War, having one where your companions can get shot up and die and having one where they just run out ahead of you, oblivious to what's shooting them, it's a hard thing to overlook.

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Brink, APB, Spore, AC3... there are others that don't come to mind right now. Brink more than most, though.

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Super Smash Bros Brawl. I had just built up a ridiculous level up hype for the game that it could never hope to live up to. That said I still spent a ton of time with it.

Twisted Metal was also disappointing in that the online play was fun when it worked but 9 times out of 10 it didn't work.

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Dragon Age 2, completely failed to capture the essence of Dragon Age: Origins.

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Dragon's Dogma. This game was supposed to bring back the good old donjons and dragons feel with your party of merry fucks. And it turned out to be... quite different.

I still love it though.

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Mercenaries 2.

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@ducksworth: Yeah, once you get guns in that game it starts to go downhill fast which is a shame. I've got it mostly beaten on PC and never bothered to go back.