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I have been playing through some of my older games recently for the sake of nostalgia. Chief among these games have been several Command and Conquer entries, such as Generals and RA2/RA3. Upon launching the games I realized that most of my nostalgia was based upon my memories associated with the soundtrack of the games. It really drove home how important the music can be in a game. With a single song I have a mountain of memories cascade over me, not just of the time spent with that game, but also of that period of my life. Since Frank Klepacki is a genius, one such song is

So my question to you is: What are some songs from video game original soundtracks that have had a similar lasting impression?

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Me : "God damn, this hallway is AWESOME!"

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I like a lot of the songs from Persona 3's soundtrack, especially the last two songs that play in the game (Memories of the School and the credits song).
Almost made me tear up ;____;
@Roomrunner said:

Me : "God damn, this hallway is AWESOME!"

Fuck year this song
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Final Fantasy 7 Boss Battle Music

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@Matty_R said:

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Final Fantasy 7 Boss Battle Music

FF6 Terra's Theme or whatever they call it is the best.

EDIT: Though there is no mistaking that you're fighting a boss while hearing that music haha

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There's an amazing original soundtrack for this mediocre game. Ya know, cuz the RZA directed the musical development and whatnot.

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I watched the QL again and upon hearing this track I've decided to replay the game.

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Honestly, anything from the Mass Effect or Assassins Creed universes send chills down my spine.

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Love this thread. For me, it's the Quest for Glory theme from Quest for Glory V. Since I can't find that, I'll give you this one instead. I know it's older, but it's the most memorable theme from my childhood as far as video games, and I still catch myself whistling it now and again.

Here it is.

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World OST - Most of it.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed - Power Plant

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Feel the awesome. I would replay this level to get my disco-dance on. Thum-thum-thum-thum.

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I use to have this on cassette and blast it in the car while out mailbox bashing with friends.

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the star fox assault was pretty good. made me wanna kill the final boss pretty badly.

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@Buzzkill said:

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I use to have this on cassette and blast it in the car while out mailbox bashing with friends.

Did hearts come out of them?

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One of the first games I got for the gamecube was Sonic Adventure 2 battle. Still one of the my favourite sonic games to date and thought this was a pretty sweet introduction to the game.

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@bananaz: No but sometimes dudes in wife beaters would come flying out doors lol

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First one that comes to me? Ruined Seles

But, upon thinking, my absolute favorite is this. Just...holy shit. The thing's littered with little motifs and leitmotifs, and it totally pulls the whole game together. Just barely beats out this 'un.

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Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask is probably my favorite theme from my favorite game soundtrack. Say what you will about Majora's Mask, but damn, it has one amazing soundtrack. One of the best ever, IMO.

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Most of it is a bit forgettable for me. The most memorable is definitely the intro music for Myth on the C64:

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You can keep your fancy soundcards. I'll take the SID chip over it any day

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@Ezakael said:

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One of the first games I got for the gamecube was Sonic Adventure 2 battle. Still one of the my favourite sonic games to date and thought this was a pretty sweet introduction to the game.

@Ezakael: That is a fantastic song - especially fitting the first level - loved how they brought it back for a zone in Sonic Generations, it brought back so many memories of running from the truck and riding the board down the slopes. I don't usually like this type of music but almost purely on nostalgia reasons I love it.

As for my special videogame songs: Besaid Island

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from Final Fantasy X is my favourite song of all time. It reminds me of the first time watching my Dad get past the introduction and make it to the full game, and of the at-least-50 times I have played the beginning of that game. I can perfectly depict the beach inside my head and the world of Spira around it. I can go back to the eyes of myself at age 9 seeing full 3D environments with voice acting and so much colour - it brings me straight back to being a kid again. But not only that it is a truely beautiful song not just within its placement in the game (as a beacon to show the player the game is now opening up, and to light up their view from the literally-dark and quite negative start) but as a song in its own right it is stunning.

I could put others like Kingdom Hearts: BBS - Dearly Beloved and Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley which are spectacular in their own right and extremely nostalgic on top of that for me; but Besaid Island is definitely the most important to me. So many good pieces of music in Video Games, hard enough limiting myself to just 3 - but they truly are fantastic to me.

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Anything from Bastion or from any of the main line Sonic games. The ones from these two that always stand out for me though are Setting Sail, Coming Home (Bastion) and Chemical Plant from Sonic 2.

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My two picks:

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The Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Battle Theme is seared into my brain due to how much I played Sapphire and Emerald. Recently found my Sapphire cart after having lost it years ago, which made me happy.

But one of my all time favorites would be Command and Conquer: Generals + Zero Hour. Just...just listen.
I mean, hell, look at the intro.
And this is the theme for Reborn: The Last Stand.
"Let's give 'em an Airshow."

Edit: The songs in Red Alert 1, 2 and Yuri's Revenge were pretty damned great too.
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To Zanarkand from FFX

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Final Fantasy 8 Opening Theme

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@Vexxan said:

My two picks:

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Fantastic picks, my number two was Dearly Beloved form Birth By Sleep and three was Gerudo Vallet from Ocarina of Time. Specifically on Dearly Beloved though, I switch contstantly between KH2, Birth By Sleep the original version/KH1 as my favourite version - what a beautiful song and melody, and how stunning they can get emotion out of it. I also love how they flip it in 358/2 Daysand then focus completely on its simplicity in KH2's Reprise version version. It amazes me how much they get out of that melody.

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@IkariNoTekken said:

No Streets Of Rage :(

Any track from any of the 3 soundtracks would do as they are consistently amazing

Yessss! I second this. I probably prefer the music from the first game though.


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@Dixavd: Every version of Dearly Beloved is just wonderful but the KH2 version really stuck to me, really digging the small part before the "actual" song begins. I'm so happy that I brought KH1 and 2 from my parents' home recently because when I'm done with my exams I'm so gonna play through them again.

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@mak_wikus: That is an excellent pick. I had forgotten just how wonderful the music is in The Witcher 2. It almost makes me want to go play it as well!

Since a few others have mentioned it, and I have to agree, here is Setting Sail, Coming Home from Bastion. A hauntingly beautiful song. I just love the harmonizing. It was a wonderful reward for finishing the game.

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Very sad song

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I have done the same thing you have but For Creatures 3. It has very little music, and it is sounds get very annoying after very little time, due to the creatures high pitched squeaking. so i would, in my younger days have the boombox playing while the game was on mute. several years ago I did the same thing but with that song from the All State Commercial playing on repeat. so now whenever I hear it I think of Creatures 3.

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For me "Time's scar" from Chrono cross still gets me excited every time I hear it, and despite that game not being chrono trigger I still enjoyed it immensely.

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These themes get stuck in my head all the time.

Legend of Mana - Earth Painting


Metal Gear Solid - Warhead Storage


Metroid - Ending Credits


Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Ryu Stage


Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden Theme


Final Fantasy IV - Battle Theme


Final Fantasy VI - Boss Fight


Super Mario 64 - Bomb-omb Battlefield


Mechwarrior 2 OST - Silent Thunder / Rust Heart


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  The main Morrowind theme:

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Also: Chrono Trigger.

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Anything from Silent Hill 2

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or anything from Quake

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I always answer the same thing on these threads, there are loads of songs, like all the songs in Persona 4 and some from Persona 3

My all time favorite is still this from Mirror's Edge, listened to it alot over the years. When I first heard this song along with some gameplay it blew my fucking mind, love parkour and the visual style of the game

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