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OK, so its the middle of 08 and there are some amazing games slated for th end of the year but if you can remember back to 07 you might remember some other awesome games. 07 was truely a great year for games and the first half of 08 has been one of the best first six months of a year to date.
So what are your favourites? any platform, any grene.
My personal favourite is betweeen MGS4, COD4 or Orange box.

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You know, Portal was great, but I'm going to have to throw my hat to Audiosurf.  That game is amazing.

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Call of duty 4

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i cant answer this i played so many great games its untrue

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Probably Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ...I thought that episode was fantastic and kept me on edge the entire time. Not to mention that it had a great ending as well, one of my recent favs.