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GameTrailers.com is in the process of making a list of there top 100 video game trailers, so what are some of your favourite video game trailers and why?

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This is a very well done and emotional trailer, it hyped me up so much for this game. Now that I know more about it I think this trailer gives us the wrong impression of what the game is about, because from this I see story driven zombie game. From what I know it is not story driven or emotional, but still, great trailer!

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Mass effect 2, everybody knows that

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im gonna go with that first 5 minute cinematic trailer for deus ex HR. that trailer was crazy

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Gears of War 1/2/3. The music always gets to me.

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The Dead Island trailer is the only trailer to ever make me shed a tear. That being said the Deus Ex 5 minute trailer was pretty awesome and the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer still gives me the shivers.

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For me it's a toss up between the Mass Effect 2 trailer and the Metal Gear Solid 2 2001 TGS trailer.

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The Halo 3 one with the kids in the field. Awesome trailer, mediocre game.
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I remember getting super excited for The Sims 2 after seeing this, that beginning part blew my mind!

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That first Halo 3 reveal still manages to make me excited for Halo 3- I mean, that music near the end is just so damn good, and Master Chief was just so iconic at the time that I couldn't help but freak out- it still almost brings a tear to my eye, even though I've pretty much moved on from Halo- I didn't even buy Reach.

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@uniform: Yes!

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I started this exact thread like a month ago, gametrailers owes me some royalties

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@uniform: Yes!

Sorry, forgot to include why. While it doesn't impact me the same way it did when it was originally making the rounds, I'm still very impressed with it today. Next time I do something exciting, that music will play in my head.
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@uniform: Oh no I wasn't being rude, I just was like "Yes that trailer is awesome!"

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The first Bad Company ones.

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My dad nearly had me send to a mental institute, that's how much I freaked out when I saw this.
Best trailer ever.
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Everything about this made incredibly excited, and the game delivered on all fronts (except combat).

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This gave me the chills the first time I saw it.  
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  Great trailer, awesome music. You have to basically imagine any time Ezio touches someone; whether it is to push them away or a palm punch them that he just killed that person. Also, the level of technical detail is astonishing. I think that hangman guard is one of the only persons in gaming i've seen that doesn't have perfect teeth. 
This a trailer for a game that i am hoping is a sleeper hit of 2012. It is pretty good.
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  Soooo goooooooooooood.
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  Also, while not necessarily a full fledged trailer this one should have been.
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