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#1 Posted by MurderSlingshot (71 posts) -

Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum aspect of Giant Bomb so I figured I'd try it out. This is a question that is normally interesting because I usually get really varied answers. My favourite pokemon is Houndoom. I love the idea of walking through a region with a pokemon literally at your side and I like that idea even more when you have a dog that can breath fire at your side.

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Lavitar is pretty awesome, either that or Teddiursa. Seeing as they both evolve into badasses.

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In before KOFFING.

#4 Posted by gaminghooligan (1468 posts) -

Scyther because Scyther

#5 Posted by Jams (2962 posts) -

Let me jump back to '97 and as my 12 year old self.

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Growlithe/Arcanine because it's a fucking lion-dog.


Totodile is a close second followed by Tyranitar.

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Squirtle when he wears those dope sunglasses.

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Hard to say. Absol maybe?

Not really sure I have a favorite, to be honest.

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Because he's an owl.

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SHROOMISH!!! Just look at it! It's a cranky mushroom thing. How awesome is that? And it evolves into Breloom, which is a pretty useful Pokemon.

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toss up between sneasel, vulpix, glaceon, and the terrifying might of dunsparce

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Gah its Cubone cause that guy is so fuckin emo. He wears the skull of his dead mother and waps people around with her bones. That's some dark deep shit man, nobody wants to hang around a debby downer let alone fight one.

#14 Posted by Philedius (204 posts) -

Kadabra/Alakazam are my favourites, gameplay wise, because they rip shit apart with their spoons and shit.

Otherwise I'd have to go with both Slowbro and Weepinbell. They look like dudes I'd like to hang out with.

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Pikachu because it's the only one I know.

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I watched Pokemon as a fifth grader like 12 years ago, I used to run home to watch the show. Since then I haven't seen anything Pokemon - never played the games either.

From those days my favorite was the red one with the fire because when he evolves into a dragon and becomes distant from the kid and disobedient, I think that was the first time I ever felt melancholic, and seeing the kid's reactions and alienated face painted in disbelief taught me for the first time what heart break was.

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Mr. Mime, because he's cool looking and humanoid enough to be useful in everyday chores.

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Gloom. Because it's fucking cute!

#19 Posted by 49th (2788 posts) -

Primape because he doesn't give a shit. He will kill you with fists for no reason.

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The duck has crippling depression and a raft of mental issues. But he keeps on plugging on.

#22 Posted by notdavid (840 posts) -

Mankey because he's so goddamn pissed.

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I'm from the old generation of Pokemon, and I don't really like Pokemon anymore. When I did like Pokemon, I had several favorites.

Eevee, because of the many forms that it can take.

Articuno, because I like birds... I guess?

Gengar, because of that crazy smile

Charizard, because he is a very strong fire pokemon

Pikachu, because... do I really have to explain that?

Mew, because he was the coolest and newest Pokemon.

Psyduck, because of what FourWude said.

and Alakazam, because he likes bending spoons.

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Vaporeon. All other answers are wrong.

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Charizard because its fucking Charizard. Cyndaquil is a close second because he's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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Blastoise because he has fucking water canons, and kicks charizard's ass easily

#27 Posted by insouciant (710 posts) -

Jigglypuff, because I use her in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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Whichever one does the most damage.

#29 Posted by Chop (1999 posts) -

Pikachu, because he's fucking adorable

#30 Posted by Dethfish (3686 posts) -

My criteria for a pokemon being good is usually just two things. A, do they look cool? And B, do they have a good overall potential? Here's some off the top of my head.

Charizard because it was my first good pokemon as a kid

Rhydon, Nidoking, and Aggron because they're cool looking and tough as hell (usually)

Alakazam and Gardevoir because I love having at least one psychic pokemon and these two are always my go to. Alakazam can be crazy good if you put some time into training.

Absol because it has blades coming out of its body. It can also be an amazingly strong pokemon

Starmie and Gyarados because you always have to have surf so you might as well put it on someone good

Froslass because it's somewhat of a rare thing to see and it's capable of being a real asshole in battle

Ok, I look like the biggest nerd now, so I'll stop.

#31 Posted by NoMoreMutants (59 posts) -

I'm partial to Blaziken myself, I remember thinking he looked like Sunfire from X-Men which I though was awesome. Shout outs to Nidoking, Poliwrath and Bulbasaur.

#32 Posted by Itwongo (1217 posts) -

Scrafty because pants

#33 Posted by DarthOrange (3871 posts) -
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Scizor because metal scyther.

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Venusaur is the hardest motherfucker on the First Generation block.

#37 Posted by Codeacious (960 posts) -

Take a guess.

Zoroark's ability (Illusion) is freaking awesome. Playing mind games with one in a match is so much fun, especially if your opponent has no idea it's coming.

#38 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (218 posts) -

Totodile. I remember before pretty much any info about the 2nd Gen game were out in America. I went to the mall one day and a place was selling japanese Pokemon cards and they had a Totodile card I had to have it. Totodile was instantly my favorite Pokemon and I would stare at that card waiting for the day I could get my own Totodile. Never before or after have I ever been so hyped for anything in my life. Also it doesn't hurt that he was Ash's best pokemon in the anime.

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Blastoise easily. Turtles are my favorite animals and when I was like 4 and saw Blastoise for the first time I nearly crapped my pants.

Squirtle would be second and Cyndaquil third.

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Scyther because Scyther

This. Same Pokemon, same reason.

Shout outs to Bulbasaur, Gengar, Cyndaquil, Heracross, Golem, and Mewtwo.

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Charizard because he is a fucking dragon! I also thought Arbok looked really awesome but I never liked how he played so I never got to use him until they added dark powers to the game and I got to keep him as my token dark character for when a Psi pokemon would appear. I also loved Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam and the Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar evolutions.

#43 Posted by Petiew (1353 posts) -

Wobbuffet of course. He's crazy looking and surprisingly overpowered, plus the female version looks even funnier.

#44 Posted by Reisz (1517 posts) -

Charmander, because CHAR MAN DER. also Nine tails, I drew a picture of one for a girl I liked in Highschool, always thought a cool nine tailed fox would be a pretty rockin' pet to have.

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@serhulse said:


Because he's an owl.

Hell to the yeah!

#46 Posted by Picsl (202 posts) -

Blastoise is a blue turtle with cannons on his back... 'Nuff said!

#47 Posted by Inkerman (1452 posts) -

Bulbasaur, always thought he was the best looking Pokemon, the right blend of animal and weird shit. Always been partial to Haunter and whatever Evee's Electric evolved form was, Voltureon or something.

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Bulbasaur. The first one I ever chose. Still rock a Venusaur whenever possible.

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Gengar, because this is too good.

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Haunter EDIT: The reason why is he always shows up on my team, just out of nowhere.