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[ Just sharing ]

i was scrolling the appstore for some boredom killing games, and it happens that i found this game called " Hopper Cat " , and i just can't stop playing it. Enough talking go check it out [LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR], but i must warn you , it's super hard ! :D

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Sure. You just happened to stumble upon this game on the iTunes app store. Just like your IP address just happens to be from Casablanca, Morocco, the same city as the developer of this game. And then you just happened to stumble upon these forums and decide to share the game as your first post. That's all totally believable.

Please, if you're going to sign up to break our rules and spam our forums to promote your game - at least be honest about it. Lying and attempting to deceive people just makes you a hundred times more scumbaggy.