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Ok, so I saw the double fine humble bundle and I really want costume quest and stacking( i own psychonauts...still haven't played it since i bought it early 2009). Anyway, my method for online purchases has been lost for now, but I want that bundle. Normally I would pay above the average and and feel fine about receiving these games but I can't do that. While doing some cleaning I found an old visa giftcard with 2.38$ on it.

Here is the problem: I could use the 2.38 and get what I want but then I will feel like a jerk because I am not donating enough. On the other hand, any little bit helps and it is better for me to donate 2.38 then nothing at all but I cannot get over the bad feeling I get even considering donating such a measly amount. This is dumb but I am stuck. Should I donate and feel bad, donate and not feel bad or not donate and avoid any unpleasant feeling I could have anytime I look at the games.

EDIT: I want to clarify that I feel like its douchey because I am capable of donating above average if i just had my normal methods available, the way it is now i cannot use it, which is why I have a problem with 2.38. If that was all I could afford then I would not feel bad because I gave what I could but this is (thank god) not the case.

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Pay whatever you can man. The Humble Bundle was made with the knowledge that people wouldn't be purchasing things at full price. It's a method to accrue a mass amount of many smaller purchases from people that may not have been able to purchase them before and use that money for a good cause.

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Donate what you feel you can donate - if they wanted you to pay more, they would set the minimum at a higher price, simple as that.

I just try to beat the average most of the time, since a) the bonus games are awesome and b) I figure that it's what I can safely contribute without spending too much in my already tight budget.

This time I simply can't justify buying this bundle to myself, since I already got Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Although, the prospect of having Brutal Legend back with an online community is tempting, to say the least.

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Many small streams make one big river

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@ghostiet: @valiom: Ok, thanks both of you gave me the encouragement I needed to not feel bad even though logically I this should never been a problem...

btw, @hamst3r: almost stole the "best answer" with his post, really made me smile.

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I wouldn't feel an douche, i don't get the humble bundle unless its stuff i really want and when it is if i don't care about the bonus game i pay the minimum amount, since i pay ussaly allot of money for games i'm ussaly not 100% about and i feel like i threw money at anything and wasted to much for stuff i didn't play at all like most people with steam, so at some point i just stopped being that sort of person and if i can get a good deal ill go for it, i don't feel bad for it, and i ussaly don't care enough for any particular developer to feel i need to be the one to donate money to them because im really not that invested into any one developer to feel that way.

Not to say i don't care about some developers but if your going to offer me something for mostly nothing i'm going to go for it.