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#51 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

I'm going to make a maleist group, because im just sick of these games portraying men as savages, I mean just look at this game called Gears of War, its sickening and is outright insulting to me. Why couldn't they at least use tranquillizer guns instead of real guns that shoot bullets? Or feathers that tickle the enemt instead of a chainsaw that cutes the person in half, thats just sick and inhuman! I ahte these games portraying all men as big macho guys who can shoot a dog on spot, thats just an insult to me.

#52 Posted by AbStr4cT (8 posts) -

women complained so  mujch that they want to be equal now if anything happens that makes them look bad, boom, contraversy.

its stupid, if they dont like the game they should go read a book and let others enjoy it.
P.S.-> awesome lookin game lol