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#1 Posted by Kucheeky (254 posts) -

Which console will you get it for? Could be a bit early for some to decide, but definitely PS3 version for me.

#2 Posted by DappaDizzle (179 posts) -

i was of course for sure picking this up for PS3, but after the announcement . 360 FTW . 1 word Achievements . screw trophies 

#3 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -

360 for Achievements,although two discs isn't as good as one

#4 Posted by Malakhii (1443 posts) -

yeah i'm goin for 360, so i don't have to spend all that money on a PS3

#5 Posted by MasterSplinter (636 posts) -

Achievements > Trophies

I don't mind swapping discs either.

#6 Posted by Guffman (21 posts) -

ill be getting it for 360 since i don't want to buy a whole new console for solely one game, doubt it would be much different game play wise despite what ever console.

#7 Posted by Gaughan (97 posts) -

360 for me because...well I only have a 360 and no plans to get a Ps3.
I don't mind about there being a couple of discs 'cause I put up with them on the Ps Final Fantasy games and a couple of Gamecube games.

#8 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -

I guess i could always try the PS3 version. My PS3 has been off for like a moth now, until febuary theres nothing that intrests me

Most mutliplatform game are better on 360 plus Live is better. Im a huge fan of the 360 controller too.

#9 Posted by Colino (146 posts) -

360 of course, since I don't have a ps3 to begin with...

And by the way, please please top using that old snake avatar people.. It hink half of the users here have that damn avatar! Be original damn it!

#10 Posted by joslop500 (203 posts) -

Im getting it on the 360 for sure.

#11 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

It doesnt really matter, because I own a ps3 and a xbox360. Seeing as it was originally a sony exclusive I'll probably get it for my ps3.

#12 Posted by banksrob (1126 posts) -

360 man

#13 Posted by Soap (3592 posts) -

Probably both, although PS3 first because really all Final Fantasy games belong on Playstation (they just feel odd else were)

And then later on 360 to relive it's awesomeness and get some achievements. (Trophies suck lol)

#14 Posted by Bkorns4 (129 posts) -

2 discs...i beleive its going to be 4-5 discs on the x360. PS3 for me, i need to ween myself off of achievements.

#15 Posted by Clark (110 posts) -

I will be going with the 360 version. <3 achivements. But mainly I do not own a ps3. This game and MGS4 were the only reasons I was gonna buy a ps3. Now the fact that there is only 1 games on the platform that I care about. I have saved myself some cash. I'm gonna have to find a friend with a ps3 and mgs for me to play.

#16 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

I'm used to playing the Final Fantasy series on the Playstation consoles so I'm going to stick to PS3 despite achievements, but hey, I haven't even bought a 360 yet so things could change.

#17 Posted by Bradtron (34 posts) -
MasterSplinter said:
"Achievements > Trophies

I don't mind swapping discs either.
Exactly what I was thinking.
#18 Posted by LoZone (148 posts) -

this shit again.

#19 Posted by BeefJerkins (30 posts) -

Seeing as how I already own a 360, and I do not own a PS3 right now, I'm going to go with 360.
Though before the announcement at E3, one of my major reasons for eventually getting a PS3 was FFXIII.  Now that day will just have to wait till I can finally justify the purchase of a PS3.

#20 Posted by oWarlock360o (199 posts) -


#21 Posted by Bilawal (109 posts) -


#22 Posted by stAtic (1638 posts) -

I'll be getting it for PC, ehehe...

#23 Posted by cann3dheat (230 posts) -

360. I need me some achievements.

#24 Posted by FingDi (12 posts) -

But how are they gonna fit whatevers on the blu-ray onto just two 360 discs? I go PS3 to play the game as it was intended.

#25 Posted by Nightkiller93 (174 posts) -

PS3 simply because achievements don't interest me and PS3 is the lead platform (360 is a port people) and will get exclusive DLC and added features.

#26 Posted by Tachikoma (70 posts) -

I feel very safe in the knowledge that the PS3 version will be more polished and have a better "feel" to it. After all the 360 version is a port.

#27 Posted by Freek (91 posts) -

360, since I don't have a PS3 yet.

#28 Posted by Cleric (286 posts) -

360. Don't think I'll get it at launch though...not really into the latest installments of the series.

#29 Posted by bigbossx (1 posts) -

PS3, it just feels right.

#30 Posted by TLT21 (80 posts) -


FFXIII was the only reason for me to buy a ps3, now i don't need to. Is versus going to be ps3 exclusive? I might get a ps3 for that, the trailer looks cool.

#31 Posted by Josh9989 (31 posts) -

PS3 because I own one, simple as that.

#32 Posted by joshuapohl (43 posts) -

I'll be choosing the 360 version because that is console I currently own.  :-) Another plus that to the 360 version that I can think of is the fact that  you will be able to upload it to your HD for faster load times.

#33 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

Getting it for the PS3 since that's the system I prefer to play RPGs. but if the 360 has additional content of anything I'll get that too

#34 Posted by Steve_C (1751 posts) -

PS3, but i don't have a 360. I'd want it anyway since it'll be on a single disc, and the 360 version is being ported from the completed ps3 version so it could be potentially crappier - but probably not. I don't really care for achievements or trophies.

I'd also want it on ps3 just so matches with Versus XIII lol.

#35 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -

Trophies > Achievements IMO, so even it was for that reason it would be for PS3.

BUT honestly, think about it people, PS3 is still the lead platform, and will be better than the 360 version that is for sure. They don't even know how exactly they will bring it to the 360 so it seems, it was all very unplanned from the looks of it.

What could possibly be the reason you get it for the 360? Achievements vs Trophies, multiple discs vs one disc, less quality game vs full quality game... I mean seriously?

Oh and by the time it comes out, what else will be on 360 for you to buy it on again? :P

#36 Posted by MKLOL (71 posts) -

PS3, I don't have a 360 yet but I'll get one, and still getting FF XIII for the PS3, the 360 version is just a port...

#37 Posted by PMShockWave (20 posts) -


#38 Posted by groudyogre (17 posts) -

3Beastly version will be superior in every way.

#39 Posted by groudyogre (17 posts) -

SE aren't spending literally millions of dollars to make the game work on 360 to just throw all of that tech away afterwards. FF13 Versus will come to 360 for sure.

#40 Posted by LoZone (148 posts) -
groudyogre said:
"3Beastly version will be superior in every way.

and people are calling me a fanboy,  let get this out of the way right now,  the 360 version is nothing but a shitty port and on top of that you will probably have to send in your 360 13 times just to get through the game.  lol.  RROD FTL.
#41 Posted by TechnicsHero2 (11 posts) -

PS3 version, but only if it has trophies.

#42 Posted by Lairdo (543 posts) -


#43 Posted by Steve_C (1751 posts) -
groudyogre said:
"SE aren't spending literally millions of dollars to make the game work on 360 to just throw all of that tech away afterwards. FF13 Versus will come to 360 for sure.
I'm sure they'd be spending yen lol.

But anyway FF XIII was developed on their Crystal Tools engine, which is designed to work with the 360 and other things in addition to the PS3 of course, so it's not like they had to invest 'millions of dollars' into new tech.

So i highly doubt that versus XIII would come to 360, although i could be wrong.
#44 Posted by Agent_Lost (899 posts) -
Freek said:
"360, since I don't have a PS3 yet.
same here
#45 Posted by Kelayr (6 posts) -

I got my PS3 largely because of FFXIII, so... that.

#46 Posted by Atlas (2447 posts) -

360. Bigger controller = good times.

#47 Posted by p_p_o_d (543 posts) -

Since the game isnt out untill 2010 I can wait and make my pick.

I could be playing FFXIII on a xbox720 since I seems MS's release plan for there next system is to release it before the ps3 outsells the 360

#48 Edited by ulrikz (1 posts) -

With "the"new xbox experience"/ new dashboard you're able to copy you games to the xbox harddrive. Supposed to work with multi disc games too, so no swapping should be needed.

#49 Posted by oWarlock360o (199 posts) -
Atlas said:
"360. Bigger controller = good times."
lol thats so wrong in so many ways
#50 Posted by Lackadaisical (35 posts) -

It all depends really, but I'll most likely pick up the 360 version of the game...

But if the PS3 version is uberly better, might just have to buy that one instead.