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I will now dedicated myself to create a functional time-machine.

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I don't really know how I feel about that HUD. If it's just for this being a demo fine, but the stuff doesn't seem pronounced enough. It's very minimalistic and sleek, which is fine most of the time, but when you're trying to get vital information having it maybe bigger or just something to make things stand out more might be better.

I hate to nitpick because I've waited so long for this thing, but it might actually be a negative when it comes to feedback on what's happening. And in a game where you'll probably have bosses that can take you doing to 1HP in a single move you actually need a pronounced HUD that's clear to read without actually having to read anything. Other than that the game looks unbelievable.

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I miss the days when JRPGs were turn-based. I do like how the more realistic shaders don't stop them from using the good old FF hair style.

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Well, shit. I thought I was done with FF and JRPGs, then they go and do this. Looks legitimately fresh and interesting, let's just hope the story isn't a convoluted mess that I couldn't care less about. And no characters like Vanille. Then I'm back in.

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That looks completely amazing. Can't wait.

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this is one of the games that looks reallll next gen

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I haven't been this excited about a Final Fantasy game since I don't know when.

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I remember being excited for 13 and that game was soooooooooooo bad, but man this looks like the evolution the series needs. I just hope it isn't filled with a bunch of whiny monologues

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You know what, I'm totally ok with this. Fianl fantasy games have always been different, I'm open to see where this goes

and man Dat Next Gen Water was pretty dope.