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A while back I bought a fight stick for my Xbox 360 and am really enjoying using it playing the random assortment of fighting games I have. But now, I want to get P4A, and seeing as how the vast majority of the player base, especially in these forums are PS3 players, I'm thinking that I want a fight stick for the PS3 as well.

So I heard that upgrading these with Sanwa parts from here is a nice cheap alternative to getting a MadCatz, similar to the one I got for my 360.

So, because I'm thinking of getting P4A for both systems, local play (use of 2 fight sticks) and multiplayer, I'm trying to figure out how to dual mod this PS3 stick so I can also use it on the 360. Now there is a lot of information floating around, but I'm not really sure what I need. I have found on www.focusattack.com that there are boards that will allow you to dual mod, but I'm not sure which one I need, and what other parts I need. It seems like a lot of the information is for people building a stick from the ground up. If anyone has had any experience with this, your input would be greatly appreciated. I also have very little soldering experience, so the easier in that category the better, although I'm willing to learn.

In addition, I was going to use a picture from here for the new background but I'm not sure how to go about it. What sort of paper do you print it on, and is there a template for the cut outs?

If I can figure this out, I'll post a finished product, but any help in the mean time would be great. Thanks!

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Hey dude so I was in the same boat a few weeks back as I to was trying to mod a custom stick from a Xbox 360 WWE All-Stars Brawlstick with little to no experience as well. In terms of a board that would support both the 360 / PS3 the only one that supports both would be this one http://www.focusattack.com/akishop-ps360-multi-console-joystick-pcb/

For sanwa buttons, new joystick, and battop/balltop cost me roughly $60 or so along with shipping and handling from Focusattack.

Creating a template is a little bit easier, since the WWE All-Stars Brawlstick is the same size as the SE SFIV Fightstick you want to use http://static.capcom.com/streetfighter/MadCatz/MadCatzFightStick_PanelTemplate.psd

Open that up in photoshop and layer the new image on the fightstick template replacing the top panel image. From watching other user videos on the subject to create a real HQ image make sure the resolution is set to 300. After that save it as a PSD file and take it to your local Kinkos or print shop. In terms of what to print it on you definitely will want to ask help from the people there and ask to print it on the highest quality paper they have and lamilabeling it. The guy who helped me while really helpful didn't really understand what I wanted so I basically explained it to him as a HQ print with a sticky backer to it like a giant sticker. He knew what I wanted right away. For one print it cost me less than $5 dollars.

In all I probably spent close to $100 bucks for the stick itself, parts, and print but in terms of experience was worth it.

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Sounds like a cool idea! Just to throw in an extra thought, in case you haven't bought the stick yet, but you can cut the price even further (only $20) on those WWE Brawl sticks if you get it from Gamestop's in-store pickup http://www.gamestop.com/ps3/accessories/ps3-wwe-all-stars-brawl-stick/89348

My guess is that everyone thought the artwork was too hideous and ran away screaming so now they're trying to move them as fast as possible