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That's the question. What's your answer?

Or, if you'd rather vote for something reasonable, vote for the one you think is the better game.

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In order for this hypothetical to work, we'd have to live in a world in which cases have both become mobile and presumably sentient.

If that's the case, then it doesn't matter who wins - we're all fucked.

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@Terramagi: Or maybe both basketballs and skateboards have become sentient.

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As weapons I can only really see the Baller Beats basketball being a ranged weapon and the Tony Hawk skateboard being used as a bludgeoning weapon. Speaking from experience, being hit with a basketball in the face certainly hurts. Might even break your nose. But with a bit of luck that bullshit board might just stay strong enough to beat your enemies into submission.

Wait what was the question again

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@panvixyl: Don't worry. You nailed it.

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I think the board make for a better weapon then the basketball. You only get to throw the ball once. Wait, I'm confused, is this what weapon we would pick? I would pick a belt.

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You throw that motherfucking rubber ball as hard as you can at somebody's face and that will drop a bitch.

That said.....you best not miss. I vote NBA Baller Beats somewhat arbitrarily. (honestly, I really have no idea how I should simulate this "fight to the death". Is it metaphorical? Are the two peripherals sentient? Are people controlling the peripherals?)

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The Batman

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Assuming both games assumed human form, I'd assume that a Baller would win in a fight against a skateboarder with no wheels.

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*actually reads thread* ... Oh. Baller Beats. Tony Hawk Ride's control issues keep it from being an effective fighter, and the FREE BASKETBALL that comes with Baller Beats can bust a nose from afar.

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While the FREE BASKETBALL can be an effective ranged weapon, I think it would be too easy to block with the RIDE "SKATEBOARD".

And then Baller Beats would get pummeled by the RIDE "SKATEBOARD"

But I still voted for Baller Beats, because I can't let RIDE win at anything...