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Hey, I was watching EVO the other day like I'm sure plenty of us were and there was some interesting terminology used by the commentators which I couldn't quite wrap my head around. I can understand what an "answer" is, I think, it's like a counter to another guys move without actually being a counter in game, right? I guess I'm still a little hazy on that one.

But the one which confused me the most is when Seth Killian described someones performance as "new technology". Can someone tell me what on earth that means? Is he just trying to say a players performance was using a new strategy which no one had seen before? I mean don't get me wrong I'm not mocking Seth, he is clearly passionate about fighting games, but sometimes I have no idea what he's even saying.

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it just means when people figure out a new way to use a move, sort of. usually people use it to refer to a new combo or setup. it could be like "that new technology where you can do standing roundhouse into low short!" or "that new safe jump technology where you throw into the corner and then neutral jump and then jump forward fierce!"

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You basically got it right. A commentator might say "he went in the lab and developed some new tech", which is just a fancy way of saying that he went in to training mode and came up with a new technique/combo..

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"What an answer!" is a fighting game tournament meme. I don't recall the origin exactly but it amounted to some announcer on a stream during a tournament saying that and people thought it was funny or exciting or something. I dunno. Anyway, all that is meant by that is that a player who happened to be losing a round or a game made some sort of comeback.

"New technology" is lingo primarily rooted in the fact that, for quite a few years, there were no new fighting games being released. The games in active rotation on the tournament circuit had been thoroughly picked apart during those years. At the time, saying something was new technology was sort of a big deal. It meant someone had found some eccentricity in the game design that afforded them a competitive edge no one else had found yet. Using that phrase nowadays doesn't have much gravity to it, as the games are all fairly new or fairly recently modified by the developer via DLC and balance patches. New stuff is found on a regular basis still for your latest iteration of SFIV and Marvel, not to mention the even newer titles.

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"What an answer!" has been of S-Kill's go-to phrases for any particularly impressive response. Typically it is reserved for some sort of momentum-swinging counter attack, which is why he says it in Divekick after a successful parry.

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Your title would be so excellent if only "game" was somehow made into a longer word; esportstacularevent is the recommended term sir; game is so passe.

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From what small bit I know about fighting game terminology, I feel like a fair number of the phrases/memes used have come about through several layers of abstraction. The example that sticks out in my mind is something along the lines of "where yo' curly mustache at?"

If I understand correctly (and I may be completely off on this) that came either from:

  • Curly mustache > Pringles mascot (a dude with a curly mustache) > Pringles are potato chips > Someone in a tournament was doing a lot of chip damage (a small amount of damage a defender can take when they block an attack)
  • Curly mustache > Pringles mascot (a dude with a curly mustache) > Pringles' tagline is (or was at some point) "once you pop, the fun don't stop" > Someone in a tournament was doing a crazy combo that knocked their opponent into the air and kept them up there for a long time

Another, less abstracted example is "salty"

  • A poor loser is "salty" > Tears are salty > The person is crying because they lost
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what's a waifu? =p

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@bbalpert: The line "Where yo curleh mustache at?" comes directly from IFC Yipes' commentary during a MVC2 match. Recorded here:

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You hate to see that kind of thing happen.

Also, thick asians.


This might help out with a few things that pop-up in stream chats at times:

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