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Here's a recording I did recentaly with retro family,

covering final fantasy 7's "still more fighting.

Ff VII and VI r my favorite in the FF series.

Composition and credit to Nobuo Uematsu 4 his mastercompositionskills.

Jokke pettersson on guitar and alfred andersson on bass.

Jokke pettersson also did all the enginering on this recording.

I'm a big fan of the game so it was a real blast recording this.

Pump up the volume!


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Nice work to be sure, you guys did a great job and it blends perfectly with the original I would say. Fair warning though the mods will probably throw a lock on the thread because they don't like people posting youtube videos, especially ones they made themselves.

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@Karkarov: Thanks for watchin. Alright I'll keep that in mind, thanks 4 d heads up:-)

I figured it would b ok since we are in d biz.

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Thats fucking sick!

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That's pretty good.

I hope this gets in before the thread is locked for Youtube spam.

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Thanks for watchin this and 4 d feedback :-)

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Pretty good man and I've heard a lot of these remixes. You heard of ocremix.org? Those guys might be up your alley...