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Putting this here so more can see, I'm assuming this is a bug as the game is meant to cost around £15 / $20 or something. I just downloaded it because it seems like this ain't meant to be the case.

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the prologe is free, the rest of the chapters cost around $30

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Free base game (prologue), paid in-app purchases (the rest of the game)?

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It's the same with Ghost Trick. You have to buy the rest of the chapters.

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@SexyToad: Which is unfortunate. I downloaded Ghost Trick because I heard some great things and I saw it was free, but it wasn't. Maybe sometime down the road I'll buy the whole thing. Seemed like a lot of fun.

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@cbarnes86: While FF Dimensions may not warrant the price, I'd pay for Ghost Trick in a heartbeat if I had an Apple device. The game itself is great and what they did with the graphics is pretty awesome, so it is definitely worth 10 bucks. At least in my opinion