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As most of you are aware by now, Konami will be shutting down the MGO servers on 12 June, 2012. I admit, I haven't played the game since launch in 2008, but I enjoyed every minute and hour I poured into the online portion of Metal Gear Solid 4. So I'm attempting to create an effort to join any of you fellow duders who also enjoyed the game to play the game from now until the final moments. So if you are interested, please post your PSN ID. I will update the list within the next week (6 days at the latest), and try to get everyone organized. My PSN ID is KoduX, if anyone is interested.

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As much as I loved the series, I never set a minute in MGO, there's always an urge to jump into something when I find that it is being closed down. Hell almost made a Star Wars one in december to join Ryan when they were going to shut down those servers.

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I've played alot of MGO and I'm pretty sad it's severs are being closed. I'm gonna try to play MGO everyday now. My character name is BackstabbingRob so if anyone want to play, then search for that name. : )

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Such a shame. I haven't played MGS4 yet and now I won't be able to play MGO even if I wanted to just try.

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I loved this game when it first came out but I quickly got left behind by every other player. It had some good ideas and some great maps. Also had the worst community I had ever experienced though. Shame. R.I.P MGO hope it's not the last we see of you.

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Man, I really should but its one of those thing where I have tons of great memories and think I should just leave it be. Sad to see it go it was a very unique game. Hopefully a 3rd edition of MGO will make its way to light someday.

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GB needs to do an MGO send off

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I don't know why I never tried it despite owning the game for the longest time.

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Me and my friends were some of the first FOXHOUND's in the game. The day they released the updated rankings, I get a message from my friend Eddy, creaming his pants that he earned the rank of FOXHOUND, and all subsequent ranks preceding it, such as FOX, Doberman, and Hound. The first thing I did was, since I only got FOX, if I remember correctly, was go straight into Sneaking.
I still remember playing six hours of consecutive Sneaking. In that whole six hours, as Snake, I only died three times. I won every single game, and I must have racked up hundreds of stuns. Me and Otacon kicked so much ass that, sure enough, by the time I was done, I was FOXHOUND. The elite of the elite.
MGO is probably the most unique shooter on the market. No one else comes close to doing what it does, and just as this new Metal Gear Online appeared to replace the old, I hope another one appears sometime in the future. Metal Gear Online is just too special to let go of forever. The MGO in Peace Walker was fun, but it was miles away from the complexity in the real-deal.

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I would love for them to take the stuff in MGO and the lessons learned and do another immediately.

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I have rallied a bunch of friends together for next weekend, we were going to play MGO Saturday Night if anyone was interested in joining?

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The question is, are six days enough for me to update and download all the junk that MGO requires?

I'm definitely interested in trying this, my PSN ID is dividedbywords

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It is a shame that Konami made it into such a damn headache to log in to play MGO, it was a very fun multiplayer title.

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RIP MGO. We hardly knew ye.

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I'm going to be that asshole who says "Meh."


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Tried to play it - kept getting connected to players who only spoke Portuguese with terrible, awful lag issues. Seemed cool, but I couldn't play it. So I won't be trying. Frankly, I'm very surprised that they didn't shut it down sooner.

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Let's do this! I'm GalacticPunt80 on PSN. My MGO character is Solidus_George or something to that effect. He's a middle-aged black guy who is now dressed extra-goofy, since Konami unlocked all the costume parts.

I played MGS3 online for real, but only dicked around in training/tryout sessions with this. Down for whatever if you Giant Bombers want to give it a proper send-off. "Not Like This: La-Le-Lu-Le-Lo Edition"