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So I just bought the Saitek X52 which I think is the same one Vinny and everyone uses at the office. I guess now I need to actually get around to getting some of the flight games to take advantage. Outside the Quick Looks and Unprofessional Fridays are there any other good PC flying games out there?

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Hmm, i have some basic information, since no one else answered you.

DCS-series (A-10C Warthog, P-51D Mustang, Black shark 2, Lock On: FC 3, UH-1H Huey)

These sims are tough! FC3 is a bit more arcade then the others but the rest is the "real deal". Very unforgiving but also very, very rewarding when you get the hang of it. I've tried A10, P-51, Black shark2, Fc3 and i can vouch for all of them. You also have the "basic" package (which is free) and called "DCS world". This includes one aircraft (Su-25T) that you can try out before buying anything else.



Was a long time since i've played FSX (Flight simulator X) but it is still very popular for non-combat flight. There's TONS of addons out there (both free and non-free) so there's a lot to fly and see.



This is in the same category as FSX, no combat. Tried it a couple of times and it was impressive.


Falcon BMS

If you want to fly the F-16, this is the sim for you. Falcon BMS is a free addon to the old Falcon sim. It can be kinda tricky to install so i recommend reading some tutorials and guides.



Rise of flight

For piloting WW1-era planes, this is what you want. Remember that every plane have to be bought at their store and they go for between 2.99 - 12.99 a piece. Only tried this a couple of times so i can't vouch for it. But it has a big player base and was pretty fun.


Il2: Cliffs of dover

For WW2 flight. Tried it a couple of times but it was incredibly taxing on my system and kind of buggy. I don't know if the patches have made this game justice yet, but you should be able to find out by looking for some forums.



If you want to go to space. Pilot the space shuttle? Check. Dock with ISS? Check. You get my point.


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Oddly enough, Battlefield 3 is great with a flight stick. Mouse and Keyboard for infantry, climb into a heli and grab that stick.

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I found one of those at a thrift shop for 5 bucks. The little PS2 cable that connected the two had a bent pin which is probably why it was there, but that was easily fixed.

I'll warn you, there is a problem that develops in the yaw sensors with the X52 after extended use, it can be fixed if you're willing to take the handle apart.


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Enemy engaged: Comanche vs hokum. You can get it off good old games for like 6 bucks I think. Real good and super fun even though I don't totally understand it. Make sure you get the mods for it too though.

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@tommytoad: Wow thanks for all the information. I was looking at Flight Simulator X and X-Plane. Hadn't heard of Falcon BMS, but had heard good things about Orbiter.

@chiablo: I was thinking of trying it with Battlefield 3 but I never really get a chance to play it anymore.

@psylah: Thanks for the heads up. I built my computer myself so I'm not too worried about taking apart a flight stick if needed.

@konig_kei: Hadn't hear about that one will definitely check it out.