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Sometimes I am in a mood to watch/rewatch a stream where they play a certain platform like genesis or xbox games on their original consoles. But going to platform does not bring out those videos. I am with gb from beginning and there have been plenty of those big random streams. Shame its hard to find those after some time

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The search function for finding stuff like this on the site has always been absolutely terrible, and didn't improvemwith the redesign. I think you'll find more of that stuff by searching on Google than on the actual site, which is pretty sad.

The whole video section is a mess, really. I hope Alexis & co make it a priority to make this stuff easier to find.

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The only streams that come to mind are the SNES stream and the Nostalgiafest stream where they played Atari 2600 and Sega Saturn games

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I forgot who the genius was who made this for everyone (someone who knows please call it out so we all know), http://qlcrew.com/

//edit, never mind, the guy is szlifier. Thanks szlifier!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOD