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I got the humble bundle recently purely for Dungeon Defenders + all the DLC, so heres the rest for whatever lucky duder/duders get it!

Please only use the key if you intend to play the game, don't just take these to bulk out your steam library.

Also I'm well aware there are Steam giveaway things I could go through but this is just way faster....

Dynamite Jack Steam Key I345G-QCMDX-AQ4P7

Beat Hazard Ultra Steam Key EL4ZM-9CRHZ-V4K6R GRATZ KRULLBAN!

Nightsky HD Steam Key WPT2F-A5VH2-NNHQ6

Solar 2 Steam Key 6GG56-5K8AR-G390C



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Took the Super Hexagon key. Thanks for the generosity, duder!

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I took Beat Hazard. Thanks!

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@mysteriousfawx: can I please have nightsky hd plaese? my steam name is nsansa43

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@nsansa43: Nobody has said they claimed it, so if you want it, take it :)

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Solar 2 has been taken.

EDIT: And not by me.

EDIT 2: All of them are taken.

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@believer258: Thanks for the update, I couldn't check if they were taken myself without either claiming them, or being told I already own it!