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One of the Mega Mans for the NES. I think 6 maybe?

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Turok 2 and Donkey Kong 64

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Berzerk for the Atari 2600

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Super Mario Bros. 3, and maybe 2 aswell, I can't quite remember. I was fairly young.

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@Scapegoat said:
" This game blew my mind. It was a 2D platformer but had a huge inventory of weapons, ammo which ran out, intricate levels which had multiple entries/exits, moral choice decisions, crazy ass story with multiple endings... 
Later I found out that a lot of these elements were lifted from this "Metroid" game... (Nintendo wasn't very popular where I lived... it was all Sega)

 Phantom 2040 for Sega Genesis/MegaDrive       
This is one of my "I loved this game but can't remember the name" games. I never owned it, but I used to rent it from my local Blockbuster all the time. I loved it, but I was never any good.
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First Sonic or Streets Of Rage I think. Something on the Sega Mega Drive anyway.

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I got 3 games on the Christmas in which we (my brother and I) got our NES: 


Came bundled with Duck Hunt.         

Pure bliss.

I was such a TMNT freak at the time when this was released.
That was such a good Christmas. Looking back, I can see why TMNT is considered so goddamn difficult, but I must have done at least 30 complete playthroughs. 
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River Raid and Missile Command for the Atari 2600.

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@iam3green said:
" NES, i would say i had a couple of games, ninja turtles, super mario brothers/ duck hunt. "
Pretty much this. I don't remember getting the NES or games, I think I was young enough that it was just something my house had. I do remember my brother getting an N64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Christmas though. That was so exciting!
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Sega Master System. 
Waited all year for it in the lead up to christmas. Oh boy, I loved that bloody thing.

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Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

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I got Pac Man, Combat, Space Wars, Demons to Diamonds, and River Raid all at the same time for the Atari 2600. Christmas in the early 80's, I think it was 83 but not too sure on that. Give or take a year.

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@___pocalypse said:

" @iam3green said:

" NES, i would say i had a couple of games, ninja turtles, super mario brothers/ duck hunt. "

Pretty much this. I don't remember getting the NES or games, I think I was young enough that it was just something my house had. I do remember my brother getting an N64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Christmas though. That was so exciting! "
  Was it this exciting? Is this in fact you?
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Crash Bandicoot.

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Adventure for the 2600, that is if you consider that a game and the 2600 a console.  =P

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N64- Starfox 64

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We had a big box of Atari 2600 games from a garage sale and Adventure was the first one I really liked.  Before that I think I only had Asteroids. 
Garage sales were a lot more fun back then.

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first I played was pacman for the 2600. Or maybe it was centipede, can't remember.
First I owned for myself was super metroid.

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When I was born my dad acquired an Atari 5200 and a Sinclair ZX Spectrum for me to play as I got older. So, I didn't have a first game, I had a fist few bags full of games. A few of the ones that stood out in my mind are Paperboy and the goonies for Spectrum, Empire Strikes back and Solaris on Atari. 
Still have those consoles both in perfect working order to this very day.

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As a young child I used the PC frequently, then I got Super Mario 64 and an N64 and bought consoles and such ever since.

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dunno i got a box full of atari cartridges

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Diddy Kong Racing. 

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Sonic 1 for the Mega Drive.

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I'm not sure if it counts, but PONG was (of course) integrated into the Super Pong console system I had in the late 1970's.  I remember there was also a "handball" variant and maybe a "hockey" one, as well.  
As far as cartridges go, I picked up Space Invaders, Night Driver and Combat (came with the system) when I got my Atari 2600 a year or so later. 

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If I remember correctly, I got Super Mario World and Super Punch-Out!! at the same time (It was Christmas '94)

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Combat on the Atari.

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 The game is powered by Namco.. It's Ridge Racer.. RIIIDGE RACER! 

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NES with the SMB/Duck Hunt/Track & Field triple cart.

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Mario bros for the NES since that was from a time when systems came with games.

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The NES came with a Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt cartridge so it would have to be Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt.

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@nintendoeats said:

"Super Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros...how can your first N64 game NOT be SM64? "


I was sort of thinking the same thing. xD 
My very first console game was that game with Mario and it had a mouse that didn't work, and you could play music, and paint things... Wait a second, I'm going to ask my Game Encycopedia (my husband and his best friend)... Mario Paint. They rock.
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Super Mario Bro's for the nes

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SNES was my first game console and I actually got the free Super Mario game and I bought Mortal Kombat 2 with it, I remember when the people had to ask my mom if it was ok for me to buy that game too lol

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What a great game to start gaming on, but did it set expectations that were too high for other games?
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Altered Beast for the Genesis

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Ocorina of Time.

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I had a Sega Genesis and my first game was Sonic the Hedgehog

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Donkey Kong 64, then I got Super Mario Party, changed my life forever.

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Mortal Kombat 2. Gauntlet IV. Greatest Heavyweights. Mortal Kombat II.
My grandfather bought a genesis and those for me at a yard sale.

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Mortal Kombat on Genesis. Although my first game was doom.

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First I officially owned was Aladdin for the SNES. Only because the Genesis, Master System, and NES all belonged to my dad, so I don't really count them despite spending days playing on them.  
So yeah, Aladdin...it was bundled with the SNES.

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I got a hand me down NES from my uncle with a bunch of games including: 
I dont remember the rest of them.

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Yoshi's Story for the N64, along with the original Banjo Kazooie. My parents didn't buy me a game system or any games until I was 14 or so. I had a very generous God-Mother who bought me my N64 and PS2. I remember playing Gran Turismo 3 for the first time...Those were the days.

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"Crash Bandicoot" and" Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace" for my Playstation. Them were the good days.