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Thanks for posting this duder. Looks interesting. Still love the art design.

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Just from the little I've seen, what came to mind was "S.T.A.L.K.E.R., with a Halo-type story and polish".

...I really hope that's what this turns out to be.

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I'm interested in seeing how they'll keep this world alive. Color me interested (with some skepticism of course)!

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MMO Borderlands made by Bungie?


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When the music by Martin O'Donnell really kicked in, shivers man, shivers!

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Looking really cool so far. I'm in love with the setting and art style.

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I was interested until they said No PC release.

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I'm borderline interested, but the whole "current/last gen" console part kind of bums me out. I was hoping this would be a title that heralded in the new decade of games.

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Some gifs!

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Never was a fan of Halo's lore and art direction, but I'm really loving what I've seen of Destiny so far.

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@artisanbreads: Yup the areas look really good; but I'm not entirely sure what I feel about the character (in truth just armor-sets) that we've seen. They feel a bit too much at times?

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@artisanbreads: Yup the areas look really good; but I'm not entirely sure what I feel about the character (in truth just armor-sets) that we've seen. They feel a bit too much at times?

I personally really dig those, they are, to me, Halo meets Star Wars. Kind of busy so I see what you're getting at but I dig the hoods, robes, and all that extra jazz on them. Kind of Star Wars, kind of Warhammer 40k even.

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Looks alright, but a always online MMO style shooter is not something that interests me at all. Also the video contained a bit too much mirror masturbation for my taste.
Oh well, plenty of other games out there :)

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I like Halo

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This does look really ambitious, but in Bungie I trust. Couldn't be more excited today.

10 years to look forward to also, and at least our entire solar system to explore and play on(speculation true, but by all accounts...). :)))

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@andorski said:

Never was a fan of Halo's lore and art direction, but I'm really loving what I've seen of Destiny so far.

If they called this "Halo 5" nobody would have questioned anything. Frankly, I'd be surprised if this didn't start off as some form of Halo sequel/spin-off.

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Bungie's art design looks amazing as always.

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So people on Jeffs Tumblr are talking about his Man in Underwear feature about this - but I can't actually find it anywhere on the site? Did this come out already, or is it on Twitch or something?

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I guess the forum ate my comment...

I was saying, i don't get excited for dev diaries or pre-rendered footage and concept arts but from the few tidbits of footage that looked like real gameplay it has a strong Halo vibe to it which i like. I always liked the Halo design and aesthetic and it's easy to see the influence here.

Adding to my list of games i want to know more about.

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They certainly aren't making unisex armor in the future either it seems;

Must have room for breasts in the shape of the armor or else a female character in armor can be confused with the males; Must not happen.

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That actually looks a lot better than I thought it would, I'm actually excited to learn more.

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Things I'd like to see in this game:

  • Less slow and floaty controls from Halo. Doesn't have to be CoD fast, but at least speed up the game.
  • No subscription fees also including "no microtransactions."
  • Multiplayer PvP that has some sort of effect on the always online game world rather than regular-ass deathmatch or CTF.

Things I'd like to see now:

  • The fucking game.
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No subscription fees also including "no microtransactions."

Then how are they going to make money, just for the boxes, knowing that people trip over themselves to buy extra items these days? I seriously doubt we'll ever go back from it.

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@funkydupe: It's wishful thinking. I wouldn't care if the microtransaction stuff was just cosmetic, like "DUDE BRO BUY THIS SICK ASS ARMY CAMO SKIN FOR YOUR ARMOR BRO!," but if it's stuff like rare weapons and armor...we all know how Diablo 3 did with that!

Pretty much the minute you add in ways to buy loot easily, you kill the purpose of a loot driven game and I'm hoping Bungie/Activision are smart enough to not do this.

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No one seen the actual game (or know exactly what it is, aside from very broad concepts) however, you can preorder right now!!

Unfortunately Bungie fanboys will preorder the shit out of it and more companies will follow bungie's "strategy" (shamelessly manipulating consumers by selling them a fantasy, not a reality)

In light of recent events regarding Gearbox and Aliens, journalists and consumers should stop and take a long hard look at preview cycles and how they have been working so far.

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Looks interesting... *really* surprised to hear you can already pre-order it though, considering what we know.

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So it looks awesome ... it will be current gen then?? I dunno if thats good or bad (good as in no0 need to make extra investment in systems ... bad if people migrate to other machines = no player base = death of a mmo)

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If this is current generation then I really have zero interest now that there's no PC release.

I'd say they'd be nuts to release a big budget MMO on current gen hardware but people still play that awful Final Fantasy 11 on PS2.

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I was interested until they said No PC release.

Yeah it's a bummer. I have a PS3 but I'm not big on FPS with a controller.

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The VidDoc they released was pretty tame and devoid of real info. That video Jeff did made it sound a whole lot more interesting - although I tend to cringe whenever I hear MMO or RPG elements being brought over into the first person genre. Usually it ends up not working out that well with weapons that have absolutely no feel to them because of stats and enemies that soak up multiple headshots like you're peppering them with overripe grapes rather than bullets.

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The art design is crazy awesome. Wish they would have shown, you know, gameplay.

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Where did they say no PC release?

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I love the art direction that the game has going, but the amount of times Jeff referenced MMO things to describe the game was off-putting. If there's one game genre I will never give a fuck about it's MMO's.

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@subjugation: They didn't say it ouright but in Jeffs in-depth video he mentions how they specifically didn't mention it while putting a strong emphasis on how they're a very strong console developer.

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@humanity: I literally just reached that spot in Jeff's video. To me it sounds like development is probably console focused at this point in time, or they aren't allowed to mention working on a PC version (which would be silly, so I doubt it). I don't think PC is ruled out, but the impression I get is that it probably wouldn't receive a simultaneous launch with consoles when it gets released (if it gets released). I would love to check it out, but I'm a PC person so it will all hinge on there being a PC version.

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Like Jeff said; the new consoles are basically PCs and Bungie has said that their game will translate well to the new systems coming out, so why not the PC.

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@subjugation: Completely respect your affinity for the PC as I used to be a huge PC guy myself for the longest time. As one PC gamer to another, why not try giving consoles of the next generation a shot? It's really not that bad and you get used to most of the quirks like first person shooters with a pad etc - at the same time you no longer miss out on certain games native to those consoles.

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I would so rather play this game on my PC even compared to next-gen consoles. Being able to take advantage of my SSD and the option to use a high bandwidth audio VOIP like Mumble is vastly more appealing.

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@humanity: The truth is I tried them this generation, specifically the Xbox 360. In fact I was a big Xbox guy stemming from the launch of the original Xbox and Halo. I got those on Christmas day back in high school and played that entire game from start to finish with my older brother the same day. My friends and I were big Halo fans and played splitscreen multiplayer Halo: CE and likely hundreds of hours of Halo 2 together over the course of many weekends. I enjoyed my time with the 360 and still use the controller on my PC, but I was a very early adopter and with that came problems.

I had a launch 360 which means it was subject to the RRoD, and it did just that after a good time. I sent it in under the extended warranty that Microsoft provided because of the massive amount of hardware failure, they repaired it and sent it back, but it was only a matter of time before another RRoD. So, the whole issue of hardware failure really soured me on early adoption of consoles at the very least. I promised myself I wouldn't get another console at launch and I intend to do just that.

Besides, most of the games I love are PC centric anyway (MMOs, RTS, etc.). I do miss out on exclusives like a Gears of War or Uncharted, but I don't feel like the several hundred dollar investment for a new console is worth it just to play those few games.

TL;DR: I plan to "wait and see" with this generation of consoles after getting burned with hardware failure.

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Really interested in the blend of traditional single player first-person shooter gameplay with an overarching progression. Could be a combination that finally gets me to commit to an online game.

Also you've got to give some props to them throwing out the '10 years' plan before they've shown any proper gameplay! They're either all living in a hype bubble at the moment or they're just really confident that what they've got running behind-the-scenes at this point is totally awesome. These guys built Halo they know great games, so I'm inclined to believe it's just looking that good!