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Halo: Reach, Forge mode.

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F1 2010, I'm already a year behind now.

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Fallout New Vegas, godammit I got into The Strip WAY later than I thought I would

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It actually happened to be NBA jam. I played a little hydro thunder hurricane after that, fun times.

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New vegas

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl this morning after buying on Steam yesterday.

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Modern Warfare 2 - SP, completed it.

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Sadly since I was at a party, it was Singstar

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GoldenEye Wii. Not bad.

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Starcraft 2. Good Stuff.

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The Impossible Game on my iPhone.

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Assassins Creed 2

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StarCraft 2

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It was Borderlands. Because some games just don't die.

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beat Dragon Age last night through midnight, but waking up, replayed it again and did a different origin

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Yay for Rock Band 3 being the best party game :)

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Bad Company 2. My first ever online match, to be precise. Way better than MW2, though I still love MW2 :P

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  Loving that game so far.

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Comic Jumper. I don't get any of the hate this game gets other than the fact that you have to hold RT and aim the analog stick to shoot.

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White Knight Chronicles, im big into Co-op and was playing it with a couple friends as soon as I finished "celebrating" new years with my family.

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Red Dead Redemption. Still crackin' away on those story missions, just got into Mexico and had the whole "OMG MEXICO" moment everyone's been raving about. I know, I'm behind.. >_<

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Finished up Singularity. Lots of fun.

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Super Meat Boy. I could stop playing and leave it at any time, the bruises are hardly noticeable anymore...

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I think I played one game of NBA Jam before anything else

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Cityville on Facebook

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Red Dead Redemption. I know i am a little late but i will try to make up in 2011!!!

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Katamari Forever for PS3. Was playing it while the year changed over. That is a damn good Katamari game.

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I was in the middle of a Starcraft 2 game.

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Haven't played one yet, but I'll probably continue my second playthrough of Dead Space prior to anything else.

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Bioshock 2. Great game but I was really surprised by how long some of the later levels of the game are.

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Finishing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, soon followed by Starcraft II.

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Dead Rising: Case West
What a fun little title.  I played Case Zero all the way to 200 points but haven't bit the bullet on getting the actual Dead Rising 2.  These bite-sized portions of zombie killing are good enough.
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Mass Effect 2 Kasumi DLC. Very cool, but only because it was discounted. Otherwise, 7 bucks for something that short would have left me pissed.

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Team Fortress 2

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I played Tetris, it was nice.

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NBA 2K11. I was playing in the Rookie vs. Sophomore game in My Career mode. I was playing incredibly well until I got hurt at the end of the first quarter. Didn't see much playing time after that. I was healed up and ready for my debut in the All-Star game, coming off the bench as a rookie, and while I did play well, I only got like 5 minutes total on the court.

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About an hour of Resonance of Fate an hour after the New Year started. Then after I sampled that insanity, I started Darksiders.

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This guy! 

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I think I played Greed Corp. O_o

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Super Mario Galaxy 2. I got the last star at 1 in the morning.

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Sonic 2. The best sonic!

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tatsunoko vs capcom-onslaught-eternal champions-mario kart wii- god of war 3

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Altered Beast: Guardians of the Realm 
Yes, I fucked up, SORRY!

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I turned Borderlands off at 11:55 to put in Fallout: New Vegas. That game is way less buggy now.

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@zoner said:
" Comic Jumper. I don't get any of the hate this game gets other than the fact that you have to hold RT and aim the analog stick to shoot for 2-3 hours straight with no variety or satisfaction whatsoever. "
Mass Effect 2