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Thanks for the link. The news of Nintendo Power closing reminded me of this thread.

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I still have it in a box in an attic somewhere. I remember mailing in a free subscription to the Nintendo Newsletter and I got the first issue of Nintendo Power shortly after getting the final issue of the Newsletter.

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Ohhhh I wanna win that Nintendo Power jersey!!!

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@joey said:

Ohhhh I wanna win that Nintendo Power jersey!!!

They had such sweet prizes in the old issues. Remember that crazy Majora's Mask guitar?
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This brings back amazing memories. Before I owned a Nintendo and Nintendo Power came out I would borrow my friends' issues of the Nintendo Fun Club News and draw my own issues highlighting games that either never existed or real titles I've never played. I did that for months as a way to cope with my impatience for getting a NES. That stopped once I got a subscription to Nintendo Power and I beat my uncle in basketball to "win" a NES. I love childhood memories.