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I think you've only shown the relatively negative reviews. Here's what Polygon thought of what they saw at GDC 2013. While I'm not a massive fan of Polygon, this seems like an incredibly level-headed impression.

There are a TON of videos on YouTube right now. I would suggest doing more research than just a few things.

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All this proves is that gamers are sexist misogynists!

Seriously, though, I saw this coming a mile away. That is why I've said -- since the beginning -- that the only reason I got one is because it will either surprise us all and be an amazing new side-console full of delight or be an utter failure and be a fantastic $99 investment in something to put on the shelf with my collection of other gaming hardware, dating back to the 70s (the Odyssey, etc) and be great as a conversation piece to look back on in a decade or so.

There's also always the chance that indie developers and the emulating community will make something tremendous out of this, even if what it comes out as officially is just a shitty shovel-ware store.

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I'm not sure what people thought this was going to be

I didn't back it and I still don't know much about it, but it sounds like an open source console. I just imagine people using it for all the same things as a hacked Wii. I think it's a cool idea for the same reasons I like my Boxee Box; a small, cheap device for a specific purpose.

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Can't wait for this to be on ebay with a nice price tag. I just like the look of it, everything else completely turns me off of it. It would be a good shelf sitter or paper weight. Emulation isn't something that appeals. Hopefully I can find it for 30-40$ in 2 years or so.

Those awful animations (no upper body animations at all)

Those sounds

I just want to die.

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It's a shame, but not at all surprising. I think the problem with Ouya and eventually Nvidia Shield is that those like myself who are interested in them are ultimately interested for the wrong reasons.

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Saw it coming...

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android gaming. aka crappy emulators and laggy game loops


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i knew that was going to happen. pretty funny the amount of people that pretty much said that.