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A couple of days ago i started looking at videos and trailers from gears of war 2 since the release is coming up. I discovered the best GOW2 trailer, and I think that this one is equivalent to the mad world trailer from GOW1. It is the Rendezvous with death trailer. The poem is made by Alan Seeger


I also got Fable 2 and Fallout 3 a couple of days ago. Personally I liked them both but I am a little bit in favor of Fable 2. You see I actually liked Fable 1. Since at that time my house did not have internet or an xbox, so i did not keep up with games at that time. Which meant that I did not hear the hype over that game before the release, and I started playing that game with an open mind. I must have played it through like five times after I downloaded it from XBLM. Personally I think that Fable 1 was one of the best games on the Xbox. But over to Fable 2. I really like this game. I think the story is good and the gameplay is great. And the entire world is just something that every 360 owners should experience. Althoug one of the first things that bugged me with the game was that I can not for the life of me find any armours in that game. I googled it and most people said that the game does not have armours. This disapointment quickly passed after i found the upperclass man outfit. I am 100 % evil 100 % corrupt and i use the upperclass man outfit and the temple of shadows mask, personally I think that this is the coolest outfit in the entire game.  I do see a pattern between the two games though, for example the crucible in Fable 2 reminded me alot of the Arena in Fable 1. Also the prison, granted this time you are a guard but it still counts. And the three heroes bears some resemblence to the lost chapters part of Fable 1 where you had to find three heroes. But it is still a good game and i urge everyone to play it. Especially people who played it before.

Over to Fallout 3, I also enjoyed that game, I must say that the first thing I did after leaving 101 was to blow up megaton, and I loved it. I haven't gotten that far yet (I am only at the galaxy news radio) but I will keep you informed on my progress.

Just a quick sidenote; I downloaded the Mirrors Edge demo from XBLM and I loved it, granted it was not very long but it was good. I think I played that game over 20 times, it was so good.

That is it for the first post, I will post another one with my first impressions on GOW2 which hopefully will ariive on friday.
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deadinside99 said:
"mye eyes bled .. ....STOP the SHITE NOW ....

well done you are pathetic an world hated ..lol"
... what?