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it's not working >_>

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there it goes, just put the URL instead.
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I think it looks pretty good.

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looks sweet, but Im a fan of the first, unlike most people :P

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Does look to be alot smoother. And the graphics are brilliant.

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That does look good indeed.
Starkiller looks like he's skipping tho, maybe he got in touch with yet another side?
Loving the dual saber throw tho!

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Cool, no more blue corners around your target . Now I don't want to see any power-ups and I'll check this one out.

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this will probably be just another rental for me.  I loved playing the first purely because im a sucker for anything starwars but there isn't much lasting appeal.   
still, looks awesome

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Looks good.

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Not enough to fap to.

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Im curious on how the boss fights are going to go, they were kind of crappy in the first game.
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looks good, wish they showed some lightsabre action but we will hopefully see that at e3.

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Looks way too much like the first game.
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Thats what I was thinking too.
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Looks like the Force Unleashed.
The person playing wasn't really doing it any favors though, the first game can move much faster than that and look a lot more stylish in the hands of a skilled player. Presumably the same could be said for the second, but they weren't making much effort there, and we didn't see anything new.

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Meh. I'll just wait for their GOTY edition with all the content that should have been in the game day one.

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I was really interested in the first, but passed on it due to people saying it was very short.  Is it worth going back to at this point?

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I liked the first one and this is looking 4 times better

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Can we get this moved to the Force Unleashed II forum? 
Also, it looks like TFU, which works fine for me.  I enjoyed the first game despite its flaws in control and use of Euphoria.