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Super Mario Bros on a NES that was in the living room of our next door neighbors cottage. I was 4 .

My (our) first console was a SNES. I didn't actually play a ton of games on it, with a collection of only 20 or so games.

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As far as I can remember, my first video game had to have been either Altered Beast, which was apparently the original pack-in game for the Genesis in North America, or Sonic the Hedgehog. Or one of the Mario games. I couldn't have been more than 3 or 4, so it's really impossible to say for certain.

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Vanguard for the Atari 2600.

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I believe it was the first Spyro the Dragon game for the PS1. My family was looking at what would become our current house in 2001 and, while we were at the hotel, I got to play the PS1 that was hooked up to the TV.

A year later I got a PS2 with Kingdom Hearts, Jak and Daxter, and the PS1 Spyro Collection as my first real games.

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I can't remember exactly. I had an old Atari 800 when I was maybe 7 and had a couple games on that. Around the same time my Dad started playing Ultima Underworld which I completely fell in love with. First game I can say I chose myself was Heroes of Might and Magic. Also got Warcraft early on. I can't really remember much else. This was a super long time ago. I might have played some games in a Pizza Shop or something before then but the Atari 800 stuff is the first I can distinctly remember.

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My first video game related memory is looking over my father's Atari cassette collection and specifically noticing Pitfall and Haunted House.

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I remembet it was 1989 my dad got my brother a NES, which came with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, this is the first game I remember playing! and the first game owned by me was Street Fighter II on the SNES

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I can't remember what my first video game was because my brother and I usually shared our games. I know we had the NES and my brother got the Genesis for his birthday while I got the SNES for Christmas (or maybe it was my birthday?) so the SNES was technically my first console. I remember getting a bunch of Genesis games as a kid, so maybe my first game was Quack Shot? Fun fact - I was never able to beat Quack Shot until about a year or two ago. I would always get to the final boss stage and die. Pulled the game out and played the whole thing through and jumped for joy as those credits rolled! ha

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Magical Quest staring Mickey Mouse

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Yars revenge or Asteroids probably on the Atari. Those were the days.

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I was traveling with my mom when our flight was delayed. We were in the waiting area when I saw a kid playing with some weird device (turns out to be a Gameboy). He let me play it for a bit and I either played Castlevania or Metroid on that day.

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Some edutainment software on Window 3.1 or something, I would expect. My first console was an Xbox 360; I only really got into gaming in the last five years.

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Granny's Garden on the C64 in 1984, good times!!

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I'm not sure which cart i put into the NES first but I think it was the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/World track meet cartridge. Mainly SMB but I played duck hunt quite a bit as well.

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Outlaw in the Atari.

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My first Video game was a Christmas present. I am not sure of my exact age but it must have been between 5 and 7 I guess. I got an original Game Boy with Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby's Pinball Land. I enjoyed both games. I definitely finished Dream Land but can't remember if I did the same with Pinball. Only Kirby games I have played, even though I loved them. Considering getting the 3d classics version of Kirby's Adventure.

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Either Super Mario bros. or Super Mario World. I'm just guessing I can't remember that far back, being born in 92 and assuming the first time I played a game I was probably 2 or 3, and I know we had NES and SNES so those being the top sellers/pack-ins I know we owned them.

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Pops Ghostly! An old Light Gun game my uncle had sitting around the house and silly me thought it as a movie at first. Scared me when I was younger but so funny to look back on now.

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I'm pretty sure it was the Tarzan game for the PS1. I can't remember if it was a Christmas or birthday present but I remember me and my brother and dad would try and get ahead and beat the game before my cousin and his dad who had also got it and we'd ring them and see where they were in the game or how they got past a part and then we beat it like a day before them after being stuck for ages, it was great. That was all so much fun I really loved that game and I played that game again fairly recently and I still enjoy it today. That's the first game I really remember anyway but i feel like I had the PS1 before that.

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I can't remember video games not being around --my aunt had a Magnavox Odyssey when I was really little, and my dad had an Atari 2600, and I think a 7800 eventually--but my first personal system was an NES.

It was indeed a Christmas present.

And I thought it was fucking awesome.

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The first game I ever played was Yoshi's Island on the Super Nintendo.

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Sweet memories..!