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Do you think it would be cheaper to upgrade my old Pentium 4 Windows XP Gateway or just to get a new gameing rig? Thanks in Advance.

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Well, what do you want to upgrade?
CPU? You're probably going to need a new motherboard, and none of your old components will fit into the new one.
GPU?  With a Pentium 4 system, you probably have an AGP GPU. I don't know if you can even buy those anymore.
You might as well go all out and get a proper gaming rig.

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New PC. Your current motherboard will be incompatible with a LOT of CPUs and RAM modules.

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New rig

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The thing with upgrading an old computer is that you won't be upgrading one or two components, you're probably going to have to upgrade the whole thing. Especially if you are looking to get a new CPU. That means new motherboard, and probably some new compatible ram to go in that motherboard. Then you're probably going to have to get a new power supply to go along with whatever GPU you go with and the higher power requirements of the CPU/Mobo.
Bottom line:
 @ZimboDK said:

 You might as well go all out and get a proper gaming rig. "

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You cant even upgrade that, so building or buying a new one is your only option.

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It's more expensive to keep up such an old PC when you can build one that will perform exponentially better for half the cost. AGP cards aren't cheap and neither is DDR1 ram. When your motherboard dies, you'll have to get a new one that supports your obsolete hardware which means sinking more money towards nothing. Not to mention computer software has higher system requirements and you'll have to upgrade soon anyway. A good rule of thumb is that when you see "minimum system requirements" listing hardware that is the best that your motherboard is capable of handling, it's time to build a new rig.
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buy a new one. i have to say that i'm still rocking a pentium 4. it plays alright on games. it can play crysis on high with little bit of lag. 
pentium 4: 3.4ghz
2gigs RAM
Nvidia 9800gt 512mb.

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New machine!

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Buy a new one. Your machine will be bottlenecked by its weakest components. You need to keep it all balanced to make full use of it. 
Plus there's compatibility issues, I'm going to guess that you'll be replacing the vast majority of the computer. (And since the case is peanuts compared to the cost of the components, you may as well just go whole hog and put together a new computer altogether)
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New rig...plus you will probably get a copy of Windows 7 with it

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Get a new rig and blow up the old one. Then post the video of you blowing up the old one!