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So I installed Microsoft Flight Simulator X on the Windows 8 partition of my MacBook yesterday and everything went smoothly, however once I'm in the game for anywhere between 10-15 minutes it will crash. I've found on Google other people also have a lot of issues getting it to run in Windows 8. I right clicked the .exe and went to properties and put it on compatibility mode for Windows 7 and that seemed to work, but then it crashed at around 20-25 minutes...

Anyone have any idea suggestions to get it to work with Windows 8? Right now I'm trying to install it on the Mac side via CrossOver to see if that'll work any better.

Anyway, I downloaded the new Microsoft Flight and it works fine... But I played the first mission, and it feels more like a video game than a flight sim. Is it at all similar to Flight Simulator X? I mean the first thing the game does is drop you into a plane and have you fly around some balloons. More of an arcadey flight experience than the realistic ones in Flight Sim X.

Also, has anyone played the X-Plane series? X-Plane is for Mac and PC, so it seems like that might be my best bet. I was checking out X-Plane 10 and a lot of reviews say it's a hardcore simulation. Can you adjust the simulation like you can in Flight Sim X (where I can turn it on easy and just cruise around the sky not having to worry about every little instrument)?

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If you don't want to go super hardcore, Microsoft Flight isn't too bad. It's very much on the casual side of flight simulation though. Although you can get in to a reasonable amount of detail, like running through pre-flight, take-off etc checklists and adjusting fuel mix according to altitude etc (although both things are totally optional), the actual flight model is very forgiving. If you're just looking for something fairly light, where you can casually cruise around, it's not too bad a pick. From memory, there are a bunch of missions like transporting goods/people or taking people sightseeing or just finding geocaches etc and I sunk a good maybe 12 hours total just flying around online with a friend, but we eventually got bored of how casual it is. It's very hard to lose control of the plane and if you do, it's really easy to recover. So it's good, but fairly shallow.

As for the troubles with FSX or familiarity with the X-Plane stuff, can't really comment on either, sorry :(

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You install all the patches for FSX in the correct order?
FSX has training missions that are "fly through these hoops" kinda stuff that teach you how to fly but MS Flight is definitely more arcadey and not as deep.

There is a demo out for X-Plane 10, maybe you should try that.
I for some reason couldn't get the 3D cockpit working and uninstalled it immediately.
Probably should have given a better chance but I guess I was impatient that day.
: )

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I'm still a bit unsure of Flight - once you turn all the assistance options off, it's supposed to be pretty realistic in regards to aircraft modelling and flight model as long as you stick to the "full" aircraft. The P-51 and similar third-person-only aircraft are decidedly unrealistic but they don't claim to be anything else. But even with "real" settings it felt noticeably easier than FSX. Then again, maybe FSX is just more clunky in general which feels more realistic just because it's harder.

In the end I think Flight mostly suffers from not being nearly as comprehensive as FSX. It's way more casual in its approach even if it is realistic due to the simple fact that it sticks to featuring only Hawaii and parts of Alaska in the add-on. FSX allows you to fly pretty much anywhere in the world and thanks to mods in almost any aircraft imaginable. Since mods aren't allowed in Flight and the post-release support has been somewhat disappointing it just doesn't hold a candle to FSX in breadth, realistic flight model or no.

I haven't actually tried installing FSX on W8 or tried X-plane (apart from the ridiculous Android version) so I can't comment on those. But if you find out how to run FSX on W8 by all means, let me know how, because I will definitely want to reinstall it myself at a later date.