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Hello GB community,

You still like Endurance Run too, right? A few months ago, I posed this question immediately before soliciting advice for producing my own imitation of Endurance Run. My buddy and I took a great deal of that advice (re: recording equipment, video capture, etc.), and we now have something to show for it. Thank you all who helped us out!

We chose for exhibition the SNES game "Earthbound," a delightful tale about a boy's journey across a seemingly endless ocean of nonsense dialog and unbelievably repetitive battles. As one might suppose, our imitation is nowise comparable to the genuine article; however, in the abundant interval between GB Endurance Runs, it might give a you a laugh.

We've dubbed our company ATallColdGlass and, if you feel inclined, you can watch us on youtube.

Again, all our appreciation for your assistance in putting this mess together.

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Aren't there a billion user Endurance Runs out there? Or a billion Let's Plays in general?

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