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I have a bunch of really great vg memories but the one that sticks out is my high school had a Nintendo club. This was on school time.We would hang out for an hour or so once a month and totally geek out on NES games! Also we would have after school meetings. We would have tv's and systems set up and everyone would bring in there games and play and swap stuff for 2 or three hours. It was great.

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I dont know, but I always find a gratifying feeling when completing a game at the highest difficulty, particularly with the Halo games since you can play the whole campaign via co op online. I beat all of Halo games with my friends on Legendary and probably had some of the best laughs in my life completing those games on Legendary. Especially Halo 3 because the ending was so ridiculously hard and once we got to the driving section everyone was so burnt out from fighting all the Flood that we were screwing up left and right falling off the platforms. It was hilarious and towards the end of the night we were just saying ridiculous things by the time we beat it.

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Playing command and conquer. I revisited that game a few months ago and its nothing of what I remembered.

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Doing a Gnome run in HL2 with my best friend in his basement, coming out of the caves to see the combine convoy marching across the bridge in the distance with "The Greater Threat" showing up over the screen and the gnome lining up perfectly for a perspective trick so it looked like it was massive and sitting on the bridge. Ever since then, we've joked about the Gnome being that 'greater threat." Generally that whole damn playthrough was awesome. We did the same thing and played through the first Condemned game in his dark, vaguely condemned basement, and that is also one of my best memories.

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The first time I played Oblivion on my brand new X Box 360. I believe I was about 13... I remember stepping out of the sewers and seeing this vast realm, and the music welled up. I walked over to a nearby dock, picked up a mug, and threw it into the water. Omg. This was the first time I was able to interact with EVERY item in the environment, and go everywhere I saw. I wasn't really into gaming when I first checked this out, but it was a game changer for me. Absolutely loved it.

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Chilling out with friends playing video games for me.